Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wire Crochet Bracelet – Wired To Go

Following on from my new technique of wire working and wire crochet ( Riotous Garden crochet bracelet) , this Wired To Go wire bracelet is a variation yielding a different look and feel. Wired To Go Wire Crochet Bracelet (cc0160) An elegant piece for any occasion feminine and light weight with subtle sparkles on a comfortable wire base and secure clasp. Celebration of the nature s charms in flowers and leaves. Dimensions: Approximate length: 16.5cm (about 6½ inch) Approximate weight: 20 grams (nett) Materials: gold plated brass wire: 0.25 mm dia (for button-heads and main crochet) crochet hook: Clover 0.7mm Swarovski: crystals, pearls, montees Czech teardrops (smooth and faceted) stardust brass beads clasp: gold plated magnetic brass Slide Clasp How to Make Wire Crochet Bracelet The photos below pretty much show the work sequence.  When making the wired components, spread the wires apart to achieve a neater twist. Start twist as close to the (component) head as possible. Do not ove

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