Monday, March 10, 2014

Wire Crochet Bracelet – Riotous Garden

This was my first wire crochet bracelet.  Created for Audrey and inspired by Kristin St. Clair tutorial which appeared in Make It: Live from Tucson article and found at Martha Stewart s The Craft Depot. This wire crochet bracelet is named Riotous Garden a celebration in the effusion of colours and the exuberant joys of a garden in riotous bloom. Riotous Garden a Wire Crochet Bracelet (CC0157) The crochet bracelet is my own evolution from the tutorial mentioned.  I had to figure my own way round to how to properly finish the wire band. The flowers and leaves are made pretty much according to the tutorial. The wire crochet base was created to produce a smoother and more finished look.  It is folded over, after the flowers and leaves are woven in. This ensures a smooth finish to the underside.  That is important to provide a comfortable wear against the skin. Finished Dimension of wire crochet bracelet Dimensions Approximate length: 19 to 19.5 cm Approximate Weight: 85 grams Mater

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