Friday, March 14, 2014

Simple Crossover Crochet Booties – Lessons from

Free pattern crossover bootie by Louise Mac, at Ravelry In Lessons from my first Crochet Booties , I mentioned that I would be trying what looked to be simple crossover crochet booties a free pattern by Louise Mac, found at Ravelry. Well, I did try it and it is not quite suitable for an adult pair of crochet booties.  Not without adjustments at any rate. Here are the results and lessons learnt from trying out the crossover bootes for an adult .. Experimental adult Crossover Crochet Booties Simple Crossover Crochet Booties (ch0319) Remember that this is my experimental bootie so please no hissing and booing at my color choices. Ignoring the colors, the crossover crochet booties look pretty okay.  But it really is not Crossover Crochet Booties way too loose! Not only does it feel way too loose, but as soon as you flex your foot, you can see just how loose it really is. So the crossover booties may work on some cute baby footsie, but surely not on my adult sized ones! Lessons from Cro

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