Friday, March 28, 2014

Rugged Crochet Rug – Recycling Bedsheets

Recycling Bedsheets into a Crochet Rug was very satisfying.  And rather pleased with the result as well. This happened while I was homeless .  Which meant, almost no tools nor materials on hand.  Instead I got some old bed sheets from the local op shop and a large crochet hook. After a few experimentations and multiple re-dos, I settled on the crochet stitches of choice. Rugged Crochet Rug (ch0326) The Process of Making the Rugged Crochet Rug Old Bedsheets for Crochet Rug I won t into massive details. The process is quite easy. Started off with some old bed sheets. (In the end, the rug required about 2½ queen sized bedsheets.) Prepare fabric strips Prepared fabric strips.  The cotton bedsheets were easy to tear.  So I just snipped the edge and tore away! As I mentioned in Raggety Shaggy Rugs, it is best to work outside for this part.  Depending on the fabric you are using, there might be a lot of fine dust. It will end up on every conceivable surface. Also use a face mask if po

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