Friday, March 21, 2014

Recycled Plastic Rugs – Crochet Rugs

Now that I have used up all the spare plastic bags in the house and have made the first of my recycled plastic rugs, I feel almost shy to show it to you.  Only after I had already made my rug, did I go looking for examples on Google. I found a plethora of beautiful plastic rugs. But never mind, I will still you my humble one as it is a good starting point for generation of further ideas and to get some of the basics in hand. Recycled Plastic Rugs CH0323 Before settling down to crocheting my rug, for a bit of change, I tried to make it from Tunisian (Crochet) stitch.  I didn t like the effect nor the curling of the resultant fabric.  After many more unsatisfactory experiments, I was resigned to just crocheting it in the round.  At that stage, I was still not quite sure how to make regular increases so as to produce recycled plastic rugs that would lie flat.  But let me go back to the beginning a bag of spare plastic bags. Recycled Plastic Rugs starts with plastic bags No matter ho

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