Friday, March 21, 2014

Raggety Rugs – Shaggy Rugs – Recycling Fabric

I made these some while ago while being quite homeless and waiting for a new abode.  All materials for these raggety, shaggy rugs were obtained very cheaply from the local co-op shop. I am not going into overly long details as the pictures pretty much tell the whole story and these shaggy rugs from re-cycled fabrics are quite easy to make. Raggety Shaggy Rugs from Recycled Fabrics (CH0322) recycle materials for shaggy rugs These recycled materials, including the grid rug canvas, were from the op-op shop.  When recycling, I try not to have to buy things.  That would kind of defeat the purpose.  However, I was homeless.  And what was worse, I was separated from my precious hoarded stock and useful tools.  So this project was something I could try with minimal tools and materials. Working out doors for my second rug. I didn t learn during the making of my first rug (the black and red rug) but let me give you this tip now: whether you are cutting your strips or tearing them (if fabr

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