Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lessons from my first Crochet Booties

Having moved into our new home of wooden polished floors, I was eager to try out some crochet booties. I checked out patterns, instructions, YouTube videos for tutorials on how to make a boot. Ultimately the only way to get a grasp on the real how-to is just to make one. So this here is my first ever bootie a crochet bootie. It is what I call a working draft. Its main purpose is so that I can see and feel what the real thing looks like. Wear it, work it, and find out that way what needs to be adjusted and then make a better one (later/one day!) Features Desired of the Crochet Bootie (CH0317) easy and comfortable to wear would help me keep floor clean! must look kinna of nice.  Eventually, a unisex version (so partner will wear it and help keep house clean as well!)

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