Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lariat Tassels and Clasps – Bead Crochet Tips

This is just a quick tip and not an essential for the making of a bead crochet rope lariat. If your crochet lariat is to have tassels at one end, with a loop/clasp at the other (as shown), then it is advantageous to make use of the inherent form of the bead crochet loop. Two Ends of the Beaded Crochet Rope You can see from the photo that the starting tip of the bead crochet rope is tighter where else the ending tip is looser. This looser tip is ideal for adding the tassles. You can use it so that you tassles seem to flow out from the beads at the tip. Thread long strong beading thread, sew and attach (invisibily) to body of crochet rope, pick up beads to your desired length of tassel, use turning bead, then work back along the beads on tassel till your reach body of crochet rope, secure. Carry on to next tassle. The tighter starting end of bead crochet rope will then be where you will work in your loop. You can see more details of the making of a lariat necklace with bead crochet rope

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