Friday, March 7, 2014

How Many Beads for Bead Crochet Rope

How to Calculate Number of Beads Needed for Bead Crochet Rope? This is just my rule of thumb on how to calculate the number of beads needed for bead crochet rope but it seems to work pretty well. Calculating for Same Sized Beads Determine your desired finished length; e.g. 200mm Ascertain sizes of beads you will be using. For example: a) all 2mm or b) mixed (e.g. 2mm and 4mm per row) Calculate number or rows: Example for 2a) all 2mm: final length/bead size = 200mm/2mm = 100 rows. So you will be looking to crochet about 100 circular beaded rows to achieve your desired length. Calculate number of beads. Determine how thick you want your bead crochet rope i.e how many beads per row? Say you want 4 beads per circular row. Therefore for 100 rows => 100 rows x 4 beads = 400 beads Include Safety Margin (10 rows): Personally I always add a few more rows in the calculation as a buffer in case I want it longer later or in case the calculations come up a bit short to achieve the desired finish

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