Sunday, March 23, 2014

Door Stop – Melissa Windstorm mix media door stopper

Melissa Windstorm is the second door stop in my series of doorkeepers, created in celebration (and need) for our new home in Apollo Bay. Mix Media Door Stop Melissa Windstorm (CH0324) Rough Sketch for door stop As with my earlier mix media door stop, Chiki Tiki, I started with a rough sketch.  I know that the final product is nothing much like the rough sketch.  Nonetheless, the sketch is an invaluable guide as the bits and pieces come together. Here is a quick look at the joyous first meeting between Melissa Windstorm and the heavier, Chiki Tiki. Door Stops first meeting! Since I covered most of the fiddly and ad-hoc steps in quite a bit of detail in the making of door stop Chiki Tiki, I will mainly show photos here.  But I will only point out some of the more salient construction differences. General Construction Steps As with any type of mix media work of this kind, using the sketch as a guide, I tend to play around with bits of different materials till I more or less have a l

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