Sunday, March 16, 2014

Door Stop – Chiki Tiki mix media door stopper

When the winds howl, and the doors slam, you know you need a door stop. Introducing Chiki Tiki, the mega 6kg door stop .. who pulls faces at the wind. Click to view slideshow. Chiki Tiki quirky mix media doorstop from recycled materials (CH0321) Chiki Tiki doorstop is mainly made from recycled materials.  Chiki Tiki doorstop is quirky.  Chiki Tiki has a face that only a mother could truly love. How to Make Mix Media Door Stop Rough Sketch as guide Though I ocassionally and wrongly think I can do without a rough preliminary sketch, I am always glad when I bother. This rough sketch keeps me on track as work progresses.  Even when the final outcome is nothing much like the sketch!!! For that reason I have attached a thumbnail version of this sketch to most of the following photos. Rough Outline on Material Draw a rough outline on material, based on sketch. This material is from a recycled pile of fabric I got a long time ago from Reverse Garbage, NSW. Sorry the picture is not very cl

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