Saturday, March 8, 2014

Difference between a Bookshelf vs DVD Storage Shelf

I know this is a crafty centric site, but as with almost all crafters we are also hoarders.  And we always need storage storage storage.  I just bought myself a bookshelf.  It was really advertised as a DVD Storage Shelf.  But it did say it could also store books.  And apart from getting up to get my tape measure to figure out what the difference between them was, I just went ahead, bought it, got it, constructed it .. and now know the difference between the two. I bought DVD Storage Shelf White 80.4W x 23D x 102.8Hcm from DealsDirect ( This is what it looked like online: DVD Storage Shelf (source: So what then is the difference between a Bookshelf vs DVD/CD Storage Shelf? It is primarily in the depth of the shelves.  The DVD Shelf is much shallower but most books will still fit, albeit with less depth-space left over. Here is what mine looks like after I finished constructing it: As you can see from the side view, the DVD shelf turned bookshelf is s

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