Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bead Crochet Rope Lariat Necklace

Since I am in the mood for crochet (and always for beads), I have done me up some crochet rope necklaces or lariat necklaces. This article covers 3 variations of bead crochet lariats and guides on how to create them. White Bead Crochet Lariat Necklace (CH0316a) Retro Coloured (CH0316b) Shades of Gray (CH0316c) Bead Crochet Lariat (CH0316a-c) I don t know that there is much that I can tell you about how to crochet beaded ropes.  Bead crochet ropes are not really hard to make.  It is more a matter of getting used to working with beads in the round with a crochet hook.  You have to be a bit more careful coz dropping a stitch can easily mean losing that stitch (very hard to find dropped stitches) and that could result in having to unravel the whole thing and begin again! White Crochet Rope Lariat Necklace (ch0316a) Steps to Make Bead Crochet Rope Lariat Using economical (cheaper) seed beads with all their irregular imperfections is just perfect for making a crochet lariat necklace.  T

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