Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adult Male Crochet Booties – keep warm and clean floors!

Time, I thought, to attempt adult MALE crochet booties.  The man has to clean floors too! Adult Male Crochet Booties (CH0320) I have been experimenting and making crochet booties lately to keep warm as well as to simultaneously clean our polished wooden floors: Female Crochet Booties to keep warm and clean floors.  Once I got a bit of a feel for what might work, it was time to move onto the male in the family.  But I now had to make something fairly acceptable looking so that he would wear it.  It must be comfortable too.  And then, his footsies can keep warm while he helps with the housework of cleaning the floors! Tips and Notes on How To Make Male Crochet Booties Puffy Double Layered Soles in Adult Male Crochet Booties The picture here shows the puffy inner and outer soles.  Hence the soles are doubly thick and comfy. Please refer to Crochet Booties keep warm and clean floors for more details on how to make these double soles. I will just carry on with the specifics in the ma

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