Saturday, October 26, 2013

Strangers in My Life

God I feel alone with Strangers who are and are not; dripping with saccharin but strangers in heart in mind having little in common is this where my life has led me or have I led my life to this spot? The future looks bright with more of the same an over-crowding of strangers will I never fit in anywhere? The post Strangers in My Life appeared first on shCREDO.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Facebook Newsletter – Signup with GetResponse

Facebook Newsletter Subscribe From This is not really about a Facebook Newsletter but rather about providing an easy way for your Facebook fans to quickly and easily sign-up to your (blog or site s) newsletter. And to be able to do that directly from your Facebook business page.  For convenience, I will just refer to this online sign-up form as Facebook Newsletter subscribe form. With GetResponse, you can add a sign-up or subscribe form directly to your Facebook fan page. We have already covered how to create GetResponse online sign-up form, so now the question is how do you create a GetResponse sign-up form specifically for & on your Facebook fan (aka business) page?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sign-up Form: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #6

Sign-up form: GetResposne Tutorial #6 It is now time to set up a Sign-up Form (or Web Form) so that your readers have a convenient place to sign up to your blog updates. We have now covered what is a Campaign and How to Create a Campaign adding or importing (if any) existing contacts to your campaign how to create an automatic RSS-to-email newsletter Now we need to create our webform or sign-up form to put onto your site and let your eager readers sign up! Note: it is recommended we setup the web sign-up form sooner rather than later.  We want to start building our mailing list as soon as possible.  We may lose valuable readership if there is no way to sign up because they may never remember to come back to our site again.  Sorry.  It happens! How to Create Web Sign-up Form GetResponse Create WebForm Go to top menu >> hover over WebForms >> Create New Note: First check that you have selected the correct campaign for which you want to create a sign-up webform for. (See top-right Yo

Sunday, October 20, 2013

RSS-to-Email Newsletter: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #5

RSS-Email Newsletter GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 5 By the time you have gotten to this Part 5: RSS-to-Email Newsletter, you already know how to Create GetResponse Campaign and (if needed), how to import contact/subscribers into your GetResponse campaign. As I mentioned in the post AWeber Review Sadly Switching , it is quite standard to be able to automate your RSS feed to be sent as emails newsletters to your subscribers.  In a simplified nutshell, that means that: you find your RSS feed URL your do your normal blog posts your autoresponder automatically picks up your posts (via your RSS feed) and sends it out to your subscribers your subscribers automatically get updated of your new postings So using the on-going example in this GetResponse for Newbies Tutorial series, we want to set up a way so that each time we have a new blog post, GetResponse is able to automatically send ofF a newsletter (comprising of our latest blog posts) to your subscribers (i.e those who have si

Tutorial for Newbies #3: Create GetResponse Campaign

Now that we have those few salient facts about campaigns under our belt, we can start our tutorial on how to create our first GetResponse campaign. Create a GetResponse Campaign Create GetResponse Campaign Tutorial for Newbies Part 3 As I said earlier, GR (GetResponse) automatically creates a campaign for you, using the first part of your (sign-up) email address as the campaign name. That might not always be the most useful campaign name. So using my site as an example, let s walk-through how to create our own campaign. The following is what I want to achieve in this example: My site is called NetWebbing. I just want to set up a campaign for all subscribers to my site. I want to provide them with the convenience of email updates whenever I have a new post. How to Create a GetResponse Campaign GetResponse create campagin The first screen you see when you log in might look like this. Just ignore the 3 lovely big buttons. Go to top right: Your current campaign: and click drop-down arrow.

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #4: Add Contacts to GetResponse

Add Contacts to GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 4 In the part 3 of our GetResponse tutorial, we covered how to create a GetReponse campaign.  Here, if you have any existing contacts or subscriber list that is specific to the campaign you are working on (e.g. you have just changed from another autoresponder system to GetResponse), then you can easily add contacts to GetResponse now. There are 4 ways that you can add contacts (aka subscribers) to your campaign: you manually Add Contacts (maximum of 50 per day) you Import Contacts from another system (e.g. Magento,, Google docs, etc.) from a file (.csv, .txt, .vcf, .xls, .xlsx, .ods) Copy Contacts (from one campaign to another) Note: Contacts here mean the same as subscribers . Warning! No matter which way you acquire your contacts, you must have permission from the recipient to be able to send them any types of mailings. Not doing so will invariably lead to spam complaints and undeliverable emails.  GetResponse (

Saturday, October 19, 2013

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #2: About GetResponse Campaigns

About GetResponse Campaigns is part 2 of our 6-part GetResponse Tutorial for newbies. Previously, in our GetResponse Tutorial Overview, we noted the topics we will cover in this tutorial to get a newbie from day one up to when they have an automated newsletter (from their blog postings) up and running.

Sing Along with TJ Smith

Saw a link to this on Facebook.  Well!  I tell ya!  Sure he is cute this guy called TJ Smith.  But better MUCH better than that is how happy and boppy this video will make you feel.  I dare you!  Don t feel good!  Don t get a bit goofy grin on your face!  Dare ya!!! The post Sing Along with TJ Smith appeared first on shCREDO.

Beaded Crochet Bracelets: Comfy Sparkles with Swarovski

Today I am writing up some how-to notes on the making of this collection of Beaded Crochet Bracelets or bangles. They are comfy to wear, easy to put on, and have an amazing call to elegance with the full loading of the ever glorious Swarovski crystals. Beaded Crochet Bracelet with Swarovski (CH0297) I call these flat based beaded crochet bangles because the inner side (against the skin) is made flat, without beads to provide a comfortable easy feel to these bangles. I have used stretchy yarn (viscose) so that it is much easier to wear. Sizing and General Technique: I have made all of these bangles for smallish size. Apart from some bangles having dangles and some not, the technique is basically the same. Tip: For the crochet bracelets that are to have dangles, make the dangles beforehand and have them ready for threading together with the other beads, and before commencing your crochet. Beaded Crochet Bangles: Basic Technique beaded crochet bracelet draft notes For this size (small),

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Easy Redirect from Blogger

There are quite a number of ways to import/export blog postings from Blogger to a new site. Each of them have their own pros and cons. However if you want to easily just redirect all visitors (no matter which page URL they go to) from your Blogger site to a new site/domain, then one of the easiest way is to edit the Blogger site s template. Log into the Blogger site >> click Edit HTML >> Proceed Find the following line: Immediately below that line, add the following code: url=http://YOUR NEW URL HERE" http-equiv="refresh"/> Of course you would replace your new site s URL in place of the highlighted (red) text above. This is just a quick aside-post for anyone who might be looking for a quick and easy way to redirect their blog site to a new domain/site (e.g. a WordPress site).

Sunday, October 13, 2013

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #1: Easy Overview

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 1 This easy GetResponse Tutorial is a 6-part tutorial specifically designed for newbies.  Also suitable for anyone looking for a quick refresher. SideNote: If you happen to be still considering which autoresponder to go with (or even what is an email autoresponder, then you might want to check out the easy Email Autoresponder series.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

I turned the rubbish over in the bin, hiding my crime. Another urge not resisted. The post appeared first on shCREDO.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AWeber vs GetResponse – Comparison

This AWeber vs GetResponse side-by-side comparison is the 4th part of a 4-part series on Email Autoresponders: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison (you are here) In my previous post AWeber Review Sadly Switching , I promised you a mini-comparison on AWeber vs GetResponse.  You normally will not get to see images of these interfaces till you have joined either one or both of these systems.  So this pictorial mini-comparison should be of immediate help. (For more detailed information and review, I refer you to the Reference section at the bottom of the page.) AWeber vs GetResponse AWeber vs GetResponse Affordability and Reliability As far as affordability and reliability go, both AWeber and GetResponse are pretty much on par.  GetResponse is a tat cheaper than AWeber (e.g. AWeber charges US$19 mo. for up to 500 subscribers; GetResponse charges US$15 mo. for up to 1,000 subscribers). Both ar

AWeber Review – Sadly Switching

Sad AWeber Review This AWeber Review is the third part of a 4-part series on Email Autoresponder: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching (you are here) AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison In my previous post Best Autoresponder for me? , I talked about why it is important to choose a good autoresponder now and some criteria to help in that selection. Today in this sad AWeber Review, I will explain why I personally have chosen to switch from AWeber. I have been using AWeber for 2+ months (since starting this site). And while I don’t have any complaints about the timeliness of their auto emails nor underlying reliability, I have however decided to change autoresponders. (I am not the only one.  See Reference section at the bottom to see why others are sadly leaving AWeber recently some for pretty similar reasons). AWeber Review from a Newbie s Perspective Just so you know, I am quite a newbie to this brave new world of autore

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Best Autoresponder For Me?

Best Autoresponder This article on deciding which is the best autoresponder is the second part of our 4-part series on Email Autoresponders: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? (you are here) AWeber Review Sadly Switching AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison In the last post, I talked about Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter - and why the old form of email newsletter is no longer sufficient for today s needs. We need a good email autoresponder if we are serious about our site/blog. Many may think (I surely did) that we can put off this whole subscriber-email list till later.  When we have more time.  Or our blog is more successful. Or we have much more traffic. Or more content. For anyone who is serious about the possibility of generating any kind of income from their online efforts, the time to adopt an attitude capable of yielding success is Now.  And that means viewing our blogs, whatever stage they are at now, as a Business.  A serious business

Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter

Email Autoresponder This is a 4-part series on Email Autoresponder (in sequence): Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter (you are here) Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison Then a followup series: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies, specifically aimed at getting a newbie started as quickly and as easily as possible. So, you have an email newsletter?  Good for you!  But you don t know what an email autoresponder is?  Well, it might be time you did! Email Autoresponder is the New Powerful Modern Version of the Limited Email Newsletter.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EZine Articles puzzles over Page Rank

Ezine Articles, one of the most reputed content submission sites around, has got me truly puzzled.  They emailed me saying my latest submission had a grammatical/spelling error namely, Page Rank .  Can you believe it? They actually don t even know what Page Rank is!! In this day and age, in the position that they are in that is er puzzling! The post EZine Articles puzzles over Page Rank appeared first on