Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dog and Happy Boy

There once was a dog. Sort of hobo like. Met this boy. This boy had a good life. Spent his days in the sun with his mates.  Running. Chasing squirrels.  Fishing.  Sitting by the sea.  Being boys. On the way home one day, they met.  In the beginning they just acknowledged each other.  One sheepishly.  One with a smile.  Or both. As they passed each other daily, they started to just walk a bit with each other. And after a short while, the boy found it was nice to have a companion on his way to and back from wherever; sometimes.  And he even went for short and then longer walks with the dog. Up some valleys, down some dales.   To places he did not normally go.  And he was happier. He still met with his friends and they still ran together.  Even to bruised knees and twisted ankles in their frantic search for frantic busy activities of doing everything and nothing. But the times obviously were less than they were before.  He spent more time with the/his dog in their ramblings

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