Thursday, November 7, 2013

Proud and Happy

You would likely know how much we love you but I would not have said that to you as many times as I would have liked; I think you would not be comfortable with such a show. But I don t think you quite know how very proud I am of you and how our lives, each and all, would be bereft without your presence. It is not your wealth not your words nor your actions that make you the star that shines in our lives. It is because of your wealth, your words, your actions, that reveal the rhythms of your heart. And it is in that mysterious, remarkable, generous rhythms that touches our lives and hearts, that brings us, over and over, the happy joy of calm lessons and seemly gratitude. God must have thought we surely needed a guide and an angel for he sent you to fill our lives with so much more than we had a right to or deserved. I am so very Proud and Happy to call you Brother. The post Proud and Happy appeared first on shCREDO.

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