Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tutorial for Newbies #3: Create GetResponse Campaign

Now that we have those few salient facts about campaigns under our belt, we can start our tutorial on how to create our first GetResponse campaign. Create a GetResponse Campaign Create GetResponse Campaign Tutorial for Newbies Part 3 As I said earlier, GR (GetResponse) automatically creates a campaign for you, using the first part of your (sign-up) email address as the campaign name. That might not always be the most useful campaign name. So using my site as an example, let s walk-through how to create our own campaign. The following is what I want to achieve in this example: My site is called NetWebbing. I just want to set up a campaign for all subscribers to my site. I want to provide them with the convenience of email updates whenever I have a new post. How to Create a GetResponse Campaign GetResponse create campagin The first screen you see when you log in might look like this. Just ignore the 3 lovely big buttons. Go to top right: Your current campaign: and click drop-down arrow.

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