Monday, October 21, 2013

Sign-up Form: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #6

Sign-up form: GetResposne Tutorial #6 It is now time to set up a Sign-up Form (or Web Form) so that your readers have a convenient place to sign up to your blog updates. We have now covered what is a Campaign and How to Create a Campaign adding or importing (if any) existing contacts to your campaign how to create an automatic RSS-to-email newsletter Now we need to create our webform or sign-up form to put onto your site and let your eager readers sign up! Note: it is recommended we setup the web sign-up form sooner rather than later.  We want to start building our mailing list as soon as possible.  We may lose valuable readership if there is no way to sign up because they may never remember to come back to our site again.  Sorry.  It happens! How to Create Web Sign-up Form GetResponse Create WebForm Go to top menu >> hover over WebForms >> Create New Note: First check that you have selected the correct campaign for which you want to create a sign-up webform for. (See top-right Yo

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