Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beaded Crochet Bracelets: Comfy Sparkles with Swarovski

Today I am writing up some how-to notes on the making of this collection of Beaded Crochet Bracelets or bangles. They are comfy to wear, easy to put on, and have an amazing call to elegance with the full loading of the ever glorious Swarovski crystals. Beaded Crochet Bracelet with Swarovski (CH0297) I call these flat based beaded crochet bangles because the inner side (against the skin) is made flat, without beads to provide a comfortable easy feel to these bangles. I have used stretchy yarn (viscose) so that it is much easier to wear. Sizing and General Technique: I have made all of these bangles for smallish size. Apart from some bangles having dangles and some not, the technique is basically the same. Tip: For the crochet bracelets that are to have dangles, make the dangles beforehand and have them ready for threading together with the other beads, and before commencing your crochet. Beaded Crochet Bangles: Basic Technique beaded crochet bracelet draft notes For this size (small),

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