Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AWeber Review – Sadly Switching

Sad AWeber Review This AWeber Review is the third part of a 4-part series on Email Autoresponder: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching (you are here) AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison In my previous post Best Autoresponder for me? , I talked about why it is important to choose a good autoresponder now and some criteria to help in that selection. Today in this sad AWeber Review, I will explain why I personally have chosen to switch from AWeber. I have been using AWeber for 2+ months (since starting this site). And while I don’t have any complaints about the timeliness of their auto emails nor underlying reliability, I have however decided to change autoresponders. (I am not the only one.  See Reference section at the bottom to see why others are sadly leaving AWeber recently some for pretty similar reasons). AWeber Review from a Newbie s Perspective Just so you know, I am quite a newbie to this brave new world of autore

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