Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WordPress Columns – How to with Genesis Theme

There are times when it is just handy to be able to easily create WordPress columns in your posts. And without having to resort to endless fiddling or using HTML to create tables (not preferred). This is where Genesis/StudioPress Themes for WordPress is so cool because it already comes pre-built with CSS Column Classes.  You can easily have up to 6 columns, just by applying the existing CSS class. (If you don t have a Genesis/MyStudioPress theme but would still like to enable multi-column styling, see Other ways of adding WordPress Columns below.) Whatever Genesis (aka MyStudioPress) child theme you are using, as long as you have the  Genesis Framework (theme), you will be able to find this pre-built Column Class in your child theme s default style.css You can search for Column Classes at: WP admin >> Appearance >> Editor >> Styles >> style.css How to create WordPress Columns using the Genesis Columns Classes Since the Column Classes are already pre-built in Genesis, all you have to

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