Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When Respect Dies, Is it really Dead?

When Respect Dies, Can Love Survive? What do you do when respect dies and buries the love that once was? And try as you might, each day you see another reason that rips the lingering shreds of respect you once felt.  Your fingers are numb from trying to hold on, your temper is frayed. You know you have now started contributing to the accelerated decay. How can you find what you need to find when it seems there are fewer reasons, day by day, to give what was so easily earned once upon a time. What do you do when respect dies? Can love exist without it? Do you not know, have you forgotten your world is but perception, your perception but filtered beliefs? Filtered Beliefs: Impact on Love and Respect I don t respect you because I believe you are: dumb inept less intelligent (than I am) lazy selfish I once respected you because I believed you were: capable intelligent Respect and Beliefs: Q&A Clarifying Exercise Q. Do I really believe you are dumb? Ans. Of course not. I think you are mor

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