Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thumbs up for Facebook Emoticons

I was envious of my brother s thumbs up emoticon on Facebook and wanted to be able to do my own thumbs up.  He told me he uploaded a (free) app for his iPhone and that was how he managed a thumbs up. I like to minimize apps and stuff (coz I forget they exist and just end up wasting storage space on my devices). So of course, Google came to the aid. Thumbs Up Facebook Emoticon There are quite a lot of pages showing emoticons for Facebook but many are for Chats on Facebook which is not a lot of use to me.  I wanted emoticons for the general status on Facebook in particular, the Thumbs Up. Anyway I not only found my Thumbs Up emoticon for Facebook but a useful page covering most, if not all of the current emoticons you  can use on Facebook generally: All Facebook Emoticons. Yay! p/s Quickie Tip: for the ThumbsUp Facebook emoticon, just type (y)

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