Friday, September 27, 2013

Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart

Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart Swarovski uses PP and SS stone sizing as a very specific measurement for their high quality round stones.  Without a Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart, it would be very difficult and confusing to estimate the size of Swarovski stones in millimeter and/or inches. PP stands for Pearl Plate and SS stands for Stone Size . Discover why we have the PP and SS sizes for round stones. The Swarovski Stone Sizes chart here is a very handy conversion guide, specifically for Swarovski crystals and stones.  The information in the chart has been sourced from Swarovski™. Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart: PP/SS to Metric/Imperial PP 1 (SS 000) 0.80–0.90 mm 0.032–0.035 in. PP 2 (SS 00) 0.90–1.00 mm 0.035–0.039 in. PP 3 (SS 0) 1.00–1.10 mm 0.039–0.043 in. PP 4 (SS 1) 1.10–1.20 mm 0.043–0.047 in. PP 5 (SS 2) 1.20–1.30 mm 0.047–0.051 in. PP 6 (SS 2) 1.30–1.35 mm 0.051–0.053 in. PP 7 (SS 3) 1.35–1.40 mm 0.053–0.055 in, PP 8 (SS 3) 1.40–1.50 mm 0.055–0.05

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