Friday, September 13, 2013

Rosary for Mom

Handmade rosaries are often made with lots of love and faith.  This Rosary for Mom is made with more than the usual love and faith. Handmade Rosary for Mom This is a re-posting from 2011.  (Part of moving hosting and website platforms.) I made my first rosary in 2011 and discovered the soothing joy of making rosaries. 2011 was an exceptionally hard year, financially.  So I resorted to making my own gift for a very special person, rather than going out to buy one.  This Rosary for Mom is extra special as the recipient is undoubtedly extra special. This is also the first time I tried my hand at making my own cross. I wanted the cross to match the rosary.  I also wanted a cross that had sparkle. All in all, I hope my special Mom loves this rosary as much as I enjoyed making it for her. Rosary for Mom Work Details I chose to work with Fluorite gemstones.  My mom loves violets, purples, and mauve hues.  These little fluorite gemstones are tumbled. They are delightfully smooth and r

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