Friday, September 27, 2013

PP Size and SS Size – Stone Sizes

Swarovski Stone Sizes as well as other crystal, stones, rhinestones, and flatbacks are often given the mysterious PP and/or SS sizing.  PP and SS size terminology is a throwback from earlier times but is still extensively used by most industry leaders today.  You can use our indispensable Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart to easily convert PP and/or SS sizing in millimeters and inches. Where do PP size and SS size come from? Pearl Plates (origin of PP Size) PP Size PP originated from the technique of pearl sizing.  PP literally stands for Pearl Plate . In days gone by, pearls were placed into a set of vertically stacked plates.  These plates had a series of graduated punched holes in them.  As the pearls fell through the holes, they could then be sized and priced accordingly.  The plates acted like sieves in the gauging of pearl sizes. SS Size SS stands for Stone Size . Jewelers later developed the SS system for sizing stones.  It achieved the same purpose (of sizing and pricing) but

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