Friday, September 13, 2013

Packing makes me Wow My Mom

As I plan another day of mountainous packing, I am humbled and awed when I think back of my mommy. Tiny in physical stature, yet a giant in heart, determination, and inner strength. with my Awesome mom, 1997 I don t know how she managed to do it.  I am thinking back on the specific year we moved from Penang to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  A move right across the country, north to south. (That was but one of the many times we had to move.) And there she was, this tiny amazing woman (5 foot minus) with six kids, sans a helping husband.  A full time teacher who had to mark student work in the evenings.  Six kids all underage.  My mom had to wash and cook for this large family, pack up the household and much of the children s belongings.  And to add to her woes, like many of us, she is a hoarder of sentimental and crafty goods.  (A big hoarder!) Then there was the kids schooling to attend to:  dis-enroll from the schools in Penang.  Find and arrange enrolment to schools at the other e

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