Thursday, September 26, 2013

iPad ios7 Problems

After I (stupidly) updated my iPad to ios7, I panicked.  Then I smacked myself. It seems that there are all kinds of tears and woes since Apple s ios7 has been released.  I know there are many more problems and bugs, but the ones I have come across thus far, specifically with regards to my iPad ios7 are: the less than attractive look and feel of some of the ipad interface after ios7 Kindle app losing all its books problem in using video within the standard camera app The Many Woes of Apples Latest and Not Best ios7 One can no longer trust Apple as much as when Steve Jobs was still around.  That decline was something I always thought would happen.  And it seems to be coming to pass based on my recent experience and from the number of Apple related complaints sprouting angrily on the net and the social networks after the introduction of their latest operating system ios7. My iPad ios7 Woes Admittedly I only have an iPad 2 and no longer have unwavering belief in Apple, but I still cl

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