Monday, September 16, 2013

Inalienable Rights: Being a Person

I recently came across a video that was being shared on Facebook.  In these times of  rampant fear, hate crimes against Muslims,  and reactive stereo-typing, it is a balm to the soul to know that there are people who hold on to remaining persons of heart and integrity, and will stand up for the inalienable rights of others in the face of brash, harsh scorn of small minded bigotry. The news coverage and even some of the videos on YouTube have been truncated to focus mainly on the admirable (nameless) soldier who stood up and spoke up for another human being. This video below shows more of the whole episode which is from the ABC series, What Would You Do . What Would You Do  is one of the highest rating undercover, hidden camera TV series in recent years.  It is hosted by John Quinones and run by ABC.  The TV series secretly films how ordinary people would behave under certain situations.  It is very entertaining while cleverly throws up ethical considerations that make us questi

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