Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

I love finger crochet cords.  They are really fun to make and they can be extremely versatile adapting themselves from very functional lives to very decorative styles. These two pictures below show not only my love of bright colors, my love of finger crochet cords, but also my love of adding beads to them.  And need I add, sparkly beads.  And what better beads than Swarovski crystal beads right? (When I write up the post on these Finger Crochet necklaces, I will link it from here.  Or if I forget, then do a search for CH0296 and you should be able to find that post once it is up.) How to Finger Crochet a Cord One of my early Japanese Crochet Books Finger Crochet Cord  is done without the aid of any crochet hooks.  They can be made plain (without beads or other embellishments) or with beads, as per illustration above.  Anyone can easily learn how to finger crochet a cord. I first came across how to finger crochet cords in my pre-teen days in one of the earliest crochet books I

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