Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check Website Rank: Alexa Rank or Google PR?

Check Website Rank We all want to know how well our site is doing. The two most famous metrics are Alexa Rank and Google PR (Page Rank). But just reading those metrics can be confusing. What do those numbers mean? Which is more important? What is the difference between Alexa Rank vs Google PR? Which should you pay attention to when you check website rank? Why do some sites seem to have good Google PR but not so great Alexa rank?  And vice versa? You might be wondering how I even know which sites have what ranking, right? Ranking Toolbars for your Browser I have installed 2 toolbars that I find really handy. (Since I use the Chrome browser, I got both of them from the Chrome web store.) Both are Free. SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar  it will check Google PR and Alexa rank of any page you visit. Tip: using this toolbar helps to increase the ranking of websites you visit (including your own) Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar toolbar is from Both of these toolbars gives me the

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