Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chain Mail and Aspect Ratio

This is a brief primer on chain mail basics. We will cover the very basic terminologies and provide some clarifying explanations. There are a lot of terminology connected with the ancient art of chain mail, but for now we will just concentrate on the basics. (You will naturally pick up more terminology as you progress). Chain Mail Samples For starters, chain mail is variously spelt as chainmail, chain maille, chainmaille, or just as maille. What is Chain Mail? Chainmail is basically made up of jump rings connected together in various weaves.  The rings are interlinked to form a flexible net. Chainmaille is said to originate from the Middle Ages where they are created to from metal armour wear.  The word chainmail comes from chain meaning flexible interlinked metal rings.  And mail or maille is from a Latin word meaning mesh or net .

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