Friday, August 2, 2013

Some Essential WordPress Plugins and Bathroom under repair

As part of my Blog Monetization Experiment, documented over at NetWebbing, I have spent the whole day just drafting the first copy of Essential Wordpress plugins.

They were recommended by "my" internet gurus (John Chow, George Brown) - and so I am installing those plugins in a systematic effort to evaluate how successful the cumulative, common advice is when it comes to actually being able to monetize one's site.

I must say that Blogging is easy.  And blogging is hard.

Like here now, without a care for Google or SEO and all that stuff - and I am just fluffing my hair and blogging on the wind, it is easy.  Random thoughts here are acceptable.

However proper blogging - now, that takes much more time and effort.  There is the lengthy research, the proper grammar and typos to be aware of, the double-triple checking, the creation of graphics (not good to steal!) and the making sure that everything is understandable not just to self but to a needy stranger dropping by.

It has taken me the whole day now and I still have not final-final proofed it all.  And the References have yet to be done and checked.  Doesn't it give you a headache? No? You can have mine then!!

On another more personal front - tradies have been in and out today.  Our house is being repaired and made ready for sale.  Bathrooms being properly waterproofed (the previous owners did a shocking job and water leaks developed over time.  Badly!), the electrician, the plumber, the tiler.  I have had the lot today!

Here is a quickie shot of what our main bathroom looks like.  Yup, I include it here so that in years to come, I can come back to this post and grin :D

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