Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lost in the Mire of Internet Learning

Yesterday I had set plans - things to do.  Same today.  But each day has proven that learning can be a mire, an endless bog of more information. And very exhausting.

Okay, it might be that I am still recovering but I have spent the whole of yesterday reading up on internet marketers, affiliates, SEO, article marketing, related tools and analyses.  Same today.  Each time I think I have done with the reading, there is another linked nugget of information that on clicking, opens up another whole plethora of must-knows ... and yup, with more links.

Those are the joys and the pains of being an online researcher.  Of course it is very time consuming to read and digest, understand and analyse what the new learnings are.  It is made more time consuming by having to sift through the truth and lies.  Sometimes they are not lies, they are just OLD.  And we know, online, being OLD is almost worse than being OLD in real life.

I wish they would make every post, every article compulsory to include the date of publication.  Old information can (not always) be as useful as a soiled diaper.

The other thing that took up most of yesterday was discovering more (internet gurus') names to look into.  So many "big" names that have never been on my radar.  And some that I did know, have taken a plunge.  It is like discovering Santa is not real.  Makes one quickly cynical(er).

Urgh.  So many frauds!!!!!  I won't mention names now but I am sure I will feel compelled to blog about them as some stage over at NetWebbing - which is where I talk about INTERNETy stuff like that.

For now, bod is on shut down mode.  Nite nite blog diary.

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