Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jewelry Chains

Ever since jewelry making started exploding in popularity, the various types of jewelry chains have grown in desirability, variations, patterns, and names.  However with such an explosive growth of new designs, the names of the various jewelry chains are not universal nor always descriptive. In an attempt to keep up with some of the emerging jewelry chains as well as some of the standard classic, I have compiled a jewelry chains list that will likely grow over time as I come across new and fascinating chains for your craft and jewelry making creative adventures. Types Of Jewelry Chains (in alphabetical order) Anchor Chain Anchor Chain Anchor chain s origin is from the chains used to link an anchor to a vessel. This is one of the enduringly popular jewelry chains. Its variation, the Flat Anchor Chain is also very popular with it sleek and elegant appearance. Basketweave Chain Basketweave Chain/Basket Weave Chain Basketweave chain also spelt Basket Weave Chain, is named for the weave

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