Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gravatar Avatar - wherefore art thou?

I ended yesterday's blog with the high hopes that I would have time to prettify my Netwebbing site, using my exciting, brand new Genesis framework and child theme.

But that was not to be.  The sleepies got me last night.

And this morning, I got my first (lovely) comment from Jupiter Jim and that, invariably, led me onto other things I need to attend to.

I realized:
1) I have no pic.  I have no Gravatar; no Avatar - on my own blog! But Jupiter Jim does!  So who but the blind would not feel slighted and puzzled.  Hence, something I have to go rectify right now.  (Answers to get Avatar will probably be found at NetWebbing later today - one hopes!)

2) links to Comment Authors on a WordPress blog, by default, seem to open IN THE SAME WINDOW.  This is such a no-no.  So --- off to find solution to this too.  (Again, NetWebbing will be cradling the answer before day's end).  Answer found: How to open comment author link in new window.

And it is not even 9am yet!  Off Off Off to see the magical wizard of goggle to find needed answers!

. . . tick tok . . . 

It is now almost 4pm now.  Went to see a very nice doctor who gave me some antibiotics and Sudafed (sniff sniff) and now the answers I sought are complete (notice the hyperlinks above).  Now, someone is going to clamour for dinner soon, I will have to dig out my apron.  The really important question is: Will I have time today to prettify my NetWebbing site before the zzz bug gets me?

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