Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Findings for Jewelry Making

Findings for Jewelry Making Am I being picky?  Perhaps.  But there is  a difference between Jewelry Supplies and Jewelry Findings.  Findings for Jewelry Making are really a sub-set of Jewelry supplies.  Somethings just knowing the right industry label can help you find what you need faster, better, surer. Definition Jewelry Findings these are the components that are used in jewelry making; normally the elements used to hold the jewelry piece together.  They include clasps, jumprings, head and eye pins, earring hooks and backs, etc. Jewelry Supplies on the other hands includes the findings for jewelry making as well as anything that is used in jewelry making: tools and pliers, beads and stones, threads and strings, and so on. These days with jewelry and crafts making being so popular, it is easier to find jewelry findings anywhere.  From supermarkets to hobbyist stores.  This makes it so much easier for a person to start on the wonderful track of making jewelry. Of course, as

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