Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crystal Hair Comb – free pattern

This free pattern for a crystal hair comb is delightful.  And really, there is nothing as delightful as a Swarovski crystal hair comb now, is there?! Learn to make your own hair accessory.  This pattern is entitled Little Miracles Haircomb and comes to you courtesy of Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements. Crystal Hair Comb Little Miracles Haircomb Crystal Hair Comb free pattern Using this pattern, you can make your own hair comb for everyday wear, as a bridal hair comb, or for a glamorous night out. Just imagine all the variations you can enjoy. change the colors, change the bead sizes, use gemstones, have more than 3 flowers, have one big layered flower, have different sized flowers, add some feathers, add some leaves, add a sparkly dangle.

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