Friday, August 2, 2013

Buy WordPress Theme? Halt! Head Cold

Honest to goodness, if you call me thick today, I would not feel insulted.  Because I am thick - thick and foggy in the head with a head cold.  The big question blocking my path is: buy WordPress Theme or No Buy WordPress Theme?

I have been working on progressing the Blog Monetization Experiment over at NetWebbing.  Still. And published 2 new postings.  No, I have done 4!  (Yay!) Wow, I am a better girl than I know!!

And of course I created some graphics for each posting.  So yeah, I should not feel so bad that I have to pretty much call it a halt (or big slow-down) now.  

  1. My cold affected head is not winning the war against the mucus!
  2. Life on the internet is never stable.  I wrote about installing Jetpack by as one of the essential plugins a WordPress site needs.  I had done research before installing it.  But today when I cam to write up about the installation and configuration, I found controversy and doubts about that plugin.  So now I have to re-investigate.  And possibly (sigh) re-write.
  3. And don't you know it .. the additional research made me re-think other issues.  Like is it worthwhile to go with a premium WordPress theme now rather than later. (Not knowing what kind of impact it might have on my site with all it contents and plugins, and custom configurations).
    I thought I had decided that I would not spend more money than was necessary or at least till I knew that my sites would bring in some income to cover additional optional outlays.
    But now I have to re-think that re. the themes because it will be a bigger headache if I find that a later, better theme is going to consume hours over possible conflicts.
    And as one progresses along in WordPress, it gets more complicated.  It seems like there are more plugins you need (which need to be updated over time and with no surety that it will all run smoothly with everything else you have implemented before hand).
Which got me onto this track now:

Buy WordPress Theme or Not Buy WordPress Theme?

The two premium themes out there are Thesis and Genesis.  Both seem to have heavy top internet bloggers, publishers, affiliate marketers support.  I thought I would take time to later discover in detail who uses which theme.

But the diversion today (in checking out the controversy over Jetpack plugin) dragged me into another serious revelation: many of the big names in the industry have moved over from Thesis to Genesis this year, 2013.

So, I have to know now 
  • if it is worthwhile to get one or the other (Genesis framework or Thesis framework)
  • how much is it going to cost me
  • what other information and/or reviews are available, especially up-to-date reviews (I hate old reviews, especially if they have no dates.  Because information can get out dated and useless so fast.)
So for my head's sake and also so I can take a bit of time to make the right decision, I have to postpone writing up the WordPress plugin setups like I intended.  That's internet life for you!

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