Friday, August 30, 2013

Beaded Jewelry with Square Knots

Fun tutorial on how to easily use reef or square knots in a simple beaded jewelry piece.  Follow along and have fun. If you need to, have a quick refresher on how to tie a square knot (aka reef knot). You will get the hang of it very easily and then everything that follows here will be so much easier as well. Desired Finished Beaded Jewelry with Band of Reef Knots Reef Knot Beaded Jewelry Tools Needed: Beading Cord Beads Steps to make a Beaded Jewelry with Square/Reef Knots Row of secured beads 1) String Beads On - Start off by stringing on a number of large beads. Your thread/cord should be more than long enough for a bracelet or necklace, depending on which you want to create. String beads in the middle of your thread/cord. Secure each bead with either a knot or crimp bead at each side of the bead. There should be a length of cord left at each end of the secured row of beads. This is what we want to accomplish: a length of square knots at each side to finish off the jewelry piece.

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