Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AdSense Tips – Heat Maps & Naming

2 simple AdSense Tips to keep handy before you even create your first AdSense Ad. In the previous article, we covered What is AdSense . Now before we get into the creating our first AdSense ad unit, let s briefly cover some AdSense Tips that will make the whole process easier and more understandable. AdSense Tips Heat Maps and Naming your Ads You create AdSense units to place on your web pages.  There are various kinds and sizes of ad units you can create to place at different locations on a web page. Knowing how to optimize your ads can make a dramatic difference to the revenue you could earn. Optimizing your ads just means different ways to ensure you get maximal income for your ad-efforts. Optimizing your AdSense ads also affects what kinds of ads you will create. Optimizing Your AdSense I have personally found that optimizing your AdSense can actually make as much as a 300% difference in AdSense revenue. So definitely worth doing. Factors Affecting AdSense Revenue ad format (e.g.

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