Thursday, August 29, 2013

3 Alternatives to Google Keyword Tool

Yesterday I sadly announced that the useful free Google Keyword Tool is now no longer available.  I have been trying out their replacement Keyword Planner (you need an AdWords account for that).  But so far it is still a bit unsatisfactory. So I have gone looking for FREE, quick, good alternatives.  These below are my current suggestions, listed in my current order of preference. SemRush seems to provide a lot of information.  On first impressions, I am very impressed.  It provides search volumes, related keywords, as well as a list of other sites that are ranking for the keyword you are investigating. Bing Keyword Research for the moment, this is my second preference. You do need to sign in though (via a Bing or Microsoft account).  This is a simple keyword tool showing search volume based on time period you specify. It also shows the search-trend of the keywords. UberSuggest this is not really a normal keyword tool.  Rather, based on a keyword you enter, it will give you sugg

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