Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WordPress Theme - which should I choose?

I have just spent over an hour searching and reading about WordPress Themes.  Which one should I choose for my site?

I was sorely tempted to buy either Genesis or Thesis.  Darren Rowse of uses Genesis while John Chow uses Thesis.

Genesis and Thesis seem to be the top, most elite of the WP Themes out there.  But they are not free.  And they are not that cheap.  But they do look good.  And if people like Darren and John use them, it must say something about those WordPress Themes - or WordPress Framework as they are called.

There is a distinction between a WP framework and a theme, but for my purposes now - that is not that relevant.

But as my, self hosted on WP installation is like only on its third day, I have decided to be prudent.  For a change.

I will carry on with my free theme, currently being Iconic One, for the time being.

I am sure that at some future date, when things look even brighter, I will be getting either Genesis or Thesis or something very much like them.  Plus they have affiliate programs - which is a plus if I do go with either. :)

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