Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summary Boxes for Moneytizing Blog pages at NetWebbing

Over-blogging?  Is there such a thing?  I guess there must be coz I think I am doing it!

When I was talking about Monetizing Blog Experiment over at, I was hoping that I could keep postings over there short and succinct.  Apparently I seem to be having difficulty doing that as, even with my best efforts, I find so much to say!

Looking at the Blog Monetization postings over at NetWebbing from the perspective of a reader in a hurry for results and not so much blah-blah, I realise it might just be a bit daunting and frustrating.

So to ameliorate that, at the end of each posting for the monetizing blogs category over at NetWebbing, I am going to include a Summary box which should make things much simpler for the reader in a hurry.

The summary box looks like:
monetizing blogs summary
Summary Boxes for Blog Monetization pages at

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