Sunday, July 28, 2013

Purpose of a Blog

Purpose of a Blog

 - specifically

Clarity and Purpose of this Blog

This blog is about to have direction - well, multi-directions really.  Yes, I will still ramble and meander.

Recently I have been reading up a lot lately about blogging and internet marketing and affiliate programs.  Time has come, propelled by physical events, to look at all my sites and make plans.  All the plans (still being clarified) have hopes.  Whether the hopes will come to fruition, only the future can truly reveal.

This blog will perhaps undergo the least of the changes.  It will not, for the foreseeable future, be moved to a new platform.  It may even look to readers as if it is the same.

But more, much more importantly, in the mind of this blogger, this blog, going forward, will have a clearer reason for being.

HelenaAsmusLim blog will be my hub.

This is my one site where I can be myself - publicly.

Purpose of my Blog

  • Freedom to be self.
    All successful bloggers and website gurus recommend a focussed niche - not to meander all over the place covering endless, disparate topics.
    But here, I will be doing just that.  It is part of my need and nature.  I feel at times it is so unnatural to split oneself into just one site niche or another.  Sometimes they overlap. So ...
  • Hub
    This blog will be a like a hub that will tell of what is happening in my other (niche) sites and why.
  • Freedom from the Constraints of SEO and Monetization
    It does become very tiring to be thinking of SEO matters, appropriate keywords, Google approval, trying to get traffic, trying to make money, the placement of links, the attaining of backlinks, the density of keywords, etc etc.

    So here, I am going to allow myself to just ramble without any of those constraints. 

The aforesaid may seem like fluff to the casual reader.  (If there are casual readers as I will no longer be trying to popularize nor draw traffic for this blog, though it remains publicly viewable).  However having a clear purpose why one has a site/blog, is Essential.  For self.

If one is attempting to monetize one's site/blog, having that clear purpose is pretty essential for achievement of that goal.

But even if, like here, it is just for one's self - having a clear "what is this site/blog for" makes it easier to write.  Before I would abandon this blog for months at a time - always feeling a bit conflicted as to whether to write here or at another of my blogs/sites.  And often, I would find myself just not writing at all because making that decision and resolving the conflict, proved too much of a disincentive.

When one has no clarity within, making decisions is tortuous.
Note to Reader:
If by some serendipitous chance, you happen upon this page and wonder to yourself why you would want to even read my rambling blog, then my next update may well give you a reason to benefit from it.  Most especially because I will be speaking very plainly and honestly about some of the things, products, people, and sites that come across my path in my researching efforts for my other niche sites.  It is here, at this blog, that I will write with unvarnished Honesty.

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