Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New DIY Blog Ready to Go

Yesterday I spent the entire day, intensely but enjoyably creating a new site.  It took me but forever to choose where I was going to open the site.

Despite the immense eagerness to start, I had to rein myself in to figure out which and what platforms would give me the features I needed.

The new site is DIY Clearly Helena and you are SO WELCOME to drop by :D

click and go directly to new DIY Clearly Helena - a diy crafter's journey

This new site is design with simplicity and functionality in mind - both for myself and for viewers.

I wanted a place not just to showcase my natty arty doodah creations, but as a place of record - so that I could include notes and tips and pointers - as a reminder to myself over time, and also as a useful resource for interested others - namely You!

But rather than just blogging day by day or whenever, making it not the easiest way to find old notes when you most need them, the new site had to be able to deliver easily categorized and searchable results.  So if we were looking for examples of handmade necklaces, then one could easily find it under .... you guessed it: Necklaces!!!

Some other sites I already have (e.g. Jewelry Making Beads & Library) did already allow me to create easy navigation for my viewers but oh, it was and is a nightmare for me to write them up and manage them.  Which is why I now have a TON of finished work that is as yet unposted and sadly, unseen and unshared.

Anyway, this is just a wee heads up to Invite you over to my new (so if you are an early bird, be patient - I am still trying to squeeze time to write up) DIY Clearly Helena site when you can be sure to get notes and loads of pics as guides.  And feel free to comment and assist me in improving.  Cheerio!

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