Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Make Movies on Mac

How to make Movies On Mac This is about how to make movies on Mac, e.g. from photos or images you have.  Brief notes to be sure but I hope it will be as useful to you as it has been for me. This is another area where Apple Mac is nowhere near as intuitively easy as Apple s reputation has led me to believe. Below are a few workable, easy solutions I have found on how to makes movies on Mac.  Included in these set of notes are also how to easily upload and/or share the movie on YouTube once the movie has been created. FYI: At the time of this writing, I am using MacBook Pro, OS X Version 10.8.5 How to Make Movies on Mac with Photo Booth Photo Booth app on Mac The app Photo Booth is an app that comes with the Mac. Photo Booth is normally found in the bottom dock. However you can also do a quick spotlight search for it:(Command+Spacebar). Note: As the Photo Booth is easy to use and intuitive, I have no additional notes to add on how to make movies on Mac with the Photo Booth. Once you h

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dog and The Happy Boy

There once was a dog. Sort of hobo like. Met this boy. This boy had a good life. Spent his days in the sun with his mates.  Running. Chasing squirrels.  Fishing.  Sitting by the sea.  Being boys. On the way home one day, they met.  In the beginning they just acknowledged each other.  One sheepishly.  One with a smile.  Or both. As they passed each other daily, they started to just walk a bit with each other. And after a short while, the boy found it was nice to have a companion on his way to and back from wherever; sometimes.  And he even went for short and then longer walks with the dog. Up some valleys, down some dales.   To places he did not normally go.  And he was happier. He still met with his friends and they still ran together.  Even to bruised knees and twisted ankles in their frantic search for frantic busy activities of doing everything and nothing. But the times obviously were less than they were before.  He spent more time with the/his dog in their ramblings

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dog and Happy Boy

There once was a dog. Sort of hobo like. Met this boy. This boy had a good life. Spent his days in the sun with his mates.  Running. Chasing squirrels.  Fishing.  Sitting by the sea.  Being boys. On the way home one day, they met.  In the beginning they just acknowledged each other.  One sheepishly.  One with a smile.  Or both. As they passed each other daily, they started to just walk a bit with each other. And after a short while, the boy found it was nice to have a companion on his way to and back from wherever; sometimes.  And he even went for short and then longer walks with the dog. Up some valleys, down some dales.   To places he did not normally go.  And he was happier. He still met with his friends and they still ran together.  Even to bruised knees and twisted ankles in their frantic search for frantic busy activities of doing everything and nothing. But the times obviously were less than they were before.  He spent more time with the/his dog in their ramblings

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Proud and Happy

You would likely know how much we love you but I would not have said that to you as many times as I would have liked; I think you would not be comfortable with such a show. But I don t think you quite know how very proud I am of you and how our lives, each and all, would be bereft without your presence. It is not your wealth not your words nor your actions that make you the star that shines in our lives. It is because of your wealth, your words, your actions, that reveal the rhythms of your heart. And it is in that mysterious, remarkable, generous rhythms that touches our lives and hearts, that brings us, over and over, the happy joy of calm lessons and seemly gratitude. God must have thought we surely needed a guide and an angel for he sent you to fill our lives with so much more than we had a right to or deserved. I am so very Proud and Happy to call you Brother. The post Proud and Happy appeared first on shCREDO.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Elusive Answer That I Knew and Know I Still Know

Something not right about this recurring scene Decision before the start os this physical existence Infront of three shadowy old men Disagreeing with caution Stubborn with insistence Now trying to remember What escape clause they gave me When i chose a path they warned was going to be too hard For me to traverse without the hardship of fatal stumbles Because that is Where the prize is And Why i chose this path Knowing i could find where the key to my miracles was Why have i forgotten the answer When it skips the periphery of my knowing and remembering? The post The Elusive Answer That I Knew and Know I Still Know appeared first on shCREDO.

Mystery of Sadness

Me a recluse I walk out to the shops I chat to the shop keepers They laugh, I laugh I see the sparkle come back in their eye I see their spirits being uplifted I walk home hit by a wave I want to cry the realisation of my deep loneliness these are the mysteries that defy my efforts The post Mystery of Sadness appeared first on shCREDO.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Strangers in My Life

God I feel alone with Strangers who are and are not; dripping with saccharin but strangers in heart in mind having little in common is this where my life has led me or have I led my life to this spot? The future looks bright with more of the same an over-crowding of strangers will I never fit in anywhere? The post Strangers in My Life appeared first on shCREDO.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Facebook Newsletter – Signup with GetResponse

Facebook Newsletter Subscribe From This is not really about a Facebook Newsletter but rather about providing an easy way for your Facebook fans to quickly and easily sign-up to your (blog or site s) newsletter. And to be able to do that directly from your Facebook business page.  For convenience, I will just refer to this online sign-up form as Facebook Newsletter subscribe form. With GetResponse, you can add a sign-up or subscribe form directly to your Facebook fan page. We have already covered how to create GetResponse online sign-up form, so now the question is how do you create a GetResponse sign-up form specifically for & on your Facebook fan (aka business) page?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sign-up Form: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #6

Sign-up form: GetResposne Tutorial #6 It is now time to set up a Sign-up Form (or Web Form) so that your readers have a convenient place to sign up to your blog updates. We have now covered what is a Campaign and How to Create a Campaign adding or importing (if any) existing contacts to your campaign how to create an automatic RSS-to-email newsletter Now we need to create our webform or sign-up form to put onto your site and let your eager readers sign up! Note: it is recommended we setup the web sign-up form sooner rather than later.  We want to start building our mailing list as soon as possible.  We may lose valuable readership if there is no way to sign up because they may never remember to come back to our site again.  Sorry.  It happens! How to Create Web Sign-up Form GetResponse Create WebForm Go to top menu >> hover over WebForms >> Create New Note: First check that you have selected the correct campaign for which you want to create a sign-up webform for. (See top-right Yo

Sunday, October 20, 2013

RSS-to-Email Newsletter: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #5

RSS-Email Newsletter GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 5 By the time you have gotten to this Part 5: RSS-to-Email Newsletter, you already know how to Create GetResponse Campaign and (if needed), how to import contact/subscribers into your GetResponse campaign. As I mentioned in the post AWeber Review Sadly Switching , it is quite standard to be able to automate your RSS feed to be sent as emails newsletters to your subscribers.  In a simplified nutshell, that means that: you find your RSS feed URL your do your normal blog posts your autoresponder automatically picks up your posts (via your RSS feed) and sends it out to your subscribers your subscribers automatically get updated of your new postings So using the on-going example in this GetResponse for Newbies Tutorial series, we want to set up a way so that each time we have a new blog post, GetResponse is able to automatically send ofF a newsletter (comprising of our latest blog posts) to your subscribers (i.e those who have si

Tutorial for Newbies #3: Create GetResponse Campaign

Now that we have those few salient facts about campaigns under our belt, we can start our tutorial on how to create our first GetResponse campaign. Create a GetResponse Campaign Create GetResponse Campaign Tutorial for Newbies Part 3 As I said earlier, GR (GetResponse) automatically creates a campaign for you, using the first part of your (sign-up) email address as the campaign name. That might not always be the most useful campaign name. So using my site as an example, let s walk-through how to create our own campaign. The following is what I want to achieve in this example: My site is called NetWebbing. I just want to set up a campaign for all subscribers to my site. I want to provide them with the convenience of email updates whenever I have a new post. How to Create a GetResponse Campaign GetResponse create campagin The first screen you see when you log in might look like this. Just ignore the 3 lovely big buttons. Go to top right: Your current campaign: and click drop-down arrow.

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #4: Add Contacts to GetResponse

Add Contacts to GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 4 In the part 3 of our GetResponse tutorial, we covered how to create a GetReponse campaign.  Here, if you have any existing contacts or subscriber list that is specific to the campaign you are working on (e.g. you have just changed from another autoresponder system to GetResponse), then you can easily add contacts to GetResponse now. There are 4 ways that you can add contacts (aka subscribers) to your campaign: you manually Add Contacts (maximum of 50 per day) you Import Contacts from another system (e.g. Magento,, Google docs, etc.) from a file (.csv, .txt, .vcf, .xls, .xlsx, .ods) Copy Contacts (from one campaign to another) Note: Contacts here mean the same as subscribers . Warning! No matter which way you acquire your contacts, you must have permission from the recipient to be able to send them any types of mailings. Not doing so will invariably lead to spam complaints and undeliverable emails.  GetResponse (

Saturday, October 19, 2013

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #2: About GetResponse Campaigns

About GetResponse Campaigns is part 2 of our 6-part GetResponse Tutorial for newbies. Previously, in our GetResponse Tutorial Overview, we noted the topics we will cover in this tutorial to get a newbie from day one up to when they have an automated newsletter (from their blog postings) up and running.

Sing Along with TJ Smith

Saw a link to this on Facebook.  Well!  I tell ya!  Sure he is cute this guy called TJ Smith.  But better MUCH better than that is how happy and boppy this video will make you feel.  I dare you!  Don t feel good!  Don t get a bit goofy grin on your face!  Dare ya!!! The post Sing Along with TJ Smith appeared first on shCREDO.

Beaded Crochet Bracelets: Comfy Sparkles with Swarovski

Today I am writing up some how-to notes on the making of this collection of Beaded Crochet Bracelets or bangles. They are comfy to wear, easy to put on, and have an amazing call to elegance with the full loading of the ever glorious Swarovski crystals. Beaded Crochet Bracelet with Swarovski (CH0297) I call these flat based beaded crochet bangles because the inner side (against the skin) is made flat, without beads to provide a comfortable easy feel to these bangles. I have used stretchy yarn (viscose) so that it is much easier to wear. Sizing and General Technique: I have made all of these bangles for smallish size. Apart from some bangles having dangles and some not, the technique is basically the same. Tip: For the crochet bracelets that are to have dangles, make the dangles beforehand and have them ready for threading together with the other beads, and before commencing your crochet. Beaded Crochet Bangles: Basic Technique beaded crochet bracelet draft notes For this size (small),

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Easy Redirect from Blogger

There are quite a number of ways to import/export blog postings from Blogger to a new site. Each of them have their own pros and cons. However if you want to easily just redirect all visitors (no matter which page URL they go to) from your Blogger site to a new site/domain, then one of the easiest way is to edit the Blogger site s template. Log into the Blogger site >> click Edit HTML >> Proceed Find the following line: Immediately below that line, add the following code: url=http://YOUR NEW URL HERE" http-equiv="refresh"/> Of course you would replace your new site s URL in place of the highlighted (red) text above. This is just a quick aside-post for anyone who might be looking for a quick and easy way to redirect their blog site to a new domain/site (e.g. a WordPress site).

Sunday, October 13, 2013

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #1: Easy Overview

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 1 This easy GetResponse Tutorial is a 6-part tutorial specifically designed for newbies.  Also suitable for anyone looking for a quick refresher. SideNote: If you happen to be still considering which autoresponder to go with (or even what is an email autoresponder, then you might want to check out the easy Email Autoresponder series.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

I turned the rubbish over in the bin, hiding my crime. Another urge not resisted. The post appeared first on shCREDO.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AWeber vs GetResponse – Comparison

This AWeber vs GetResponse side-by-side comparison is the 4th part of a 4-part series on Email Autoresponders: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison (you are here) In my previous post AWeber Review Sadly Switching , I promised you a mini-comparison on AWeber vs GetResponse.  You normally will not get to see images of these interfaces till you have joined either one or both of these systems.  So this pictorial mini-comparison should be of immediate help. (For more detailed information and review, I refer you to the Reference section at the bottom of the page.) AWeber vs GetResponse AWeber vs GetResponse Affordability and Reliability As far as affordability and reliability go, both AWeber and GetResponse are pretty much on par.  GetResponse is a tat cheaper than AWeber (e.g. AWeber charges US$19 mo. for up to 500 subscribers; GetResponse charges US$15 mo. for up to 1,000 subscribers). Both ar

AWeber Review – Sadly Switching

Sad AWeber Review This AWeber Review is the third part of a 4-part series on Email Autoresponder: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching (you are here) AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison In my previous post Best Autoresponder for me? , I talked about why it is important to choose a good autoresponder now and some criteria to help in that selection. Today in this sad AWeber Review, I will explain why I personally have chosen to switch from AWeber. I have been using AWeber for 2+ months (since starting this site). And while I don’t have any complaints about the timeliness of their auto emails nor underlying reliability, I have however decided to change autoresponders. (I am not the only one.  See Reference section at the bottom to see why others are sadly leaving AWeber recently some for pretty similar reasons). AWeber Review from a Newbie s Perspective Just so you know, I am quite a newbie to this brave new world of autore

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Best Autoresponder For Me?

Best Autoresponder This article on deciding which is the best autoresponder is the second part of our 4-part series on Email Autoresponders: Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter Best Autoresponder for me? (you are here) AWeber Review Sadly Switching AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison In the last post, I talked about Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter - and why the old form of email newsletter is no longer sufficient for today s needs. We need a good email autoresponder if we are serious about our site/blog. Many may think (I surely did) that we can put off this whole subscriber-email list till later.  When we have more time.  Or our blog is more successful. Or we have much more traffic. Or more content. For anyone who is serious about the possibility of generating any kind of income from their online efforts, the time to adopt an attitude capable of yielding success is Now.  And that means viewing our blogs, whatever stage they are at now, as a Business.  A serious business

Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter

Email Autoresponder This is a 4-part series on Email Autoresponder (in sequence): Email Autoresponder vs Email Newsletter (you are here) Best Autoresponder for me? AWeber Review Sadly Switching AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison Then a followup series: GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies, specifically aimed at getting a newbie started as quickly and as easily as possible. So, you have an email newsletter?  Good for you!  But you don t know what an email autoresponder is?  Well, it might be time you did! Email Autoresponder is the New Powerful Modern Version of the Limited Email Newsletter.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EZine Articles puzzles over Page Rank

Ezine Articles, one of the most reputed content submission sites around, has got me truly puzzled.  They emailed me saying my latest submission had a grammatical/spelling error namely, Page Rank .  Can you believe it? They actually don t even know what Page Rank is!! In this day and age, in the position that they are in that is er puzzling! The post EZine Articles puzzles over Page Rank appeared first on

Friday, September 27, 2013

Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart

Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart Swarovski uses PP and SS stone sizing as a very specific measurement for their high quality round stones.  Without a Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart, it would be very difficult and confusing to estimate the size of Swarovski stones in millimeter and/or inches. PP stands for Pearl Plate and SS stands for Stone Size . Discover why we have the PP and SS sizes for round stones. The Swarovski Stone Sizes chart here is a very handy conversion guide, specifically for Swarovski crystals and stones.  The information in the chart has been sourced from Swarovski™. Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart: PP/SS to Metric/Imperial PP 1 (SS 000) 0.80–0.90 mm 0.032–0.035 in. PP 2 (SS 00) 0.90–1.00 mm 0.035–0.039 in. PP 3 (SS 0) 1.00–1.10 mm 0.039–0.043 in. PP 4 (SS 1) 1.10–1.20 mm 0.043–0.047 in. PP 5 (SS 2) 1.20–1.30 mm 0.047–0.051 in. PP 6 (SS 2) 1.30–1.35 mm 0.051–0.053 in. PP 7 (SS 3) 1.35–1.40 mm 0.053–0.055 in, PP 8 (SS 3) 1.40–1.50 mm 0.055–0.05

PP Size and SS Size – Stone Sizes

Swarovski Stone Sizes as well as other crystal, stones, rhinestones, and flatbacks are often given the mysterious PP and/or SS sizing.  PP and SS size terminology is a throwback from earlier times but is still extensively used by most industry leaders today.  You can use our indispensable Swarovski Stone Sizes Chart to easily convert PP and/or SS sizing in millimeters and inches. Where do PP size and SS size come from? Pearl Plates (origin of PP Size) PP Size PP originated from the technique of pearl sizing.  PP literally stands for Pearl Plate . In days gone by, pearls were placed into a set of vertically stacked plates.  These plates had a series of graduated punched holes in them.  As the pearls fell through the holes, they could then be sized and priced accordingly.  The plates acted like sieves in the gauging of pearl sizes. SS Size SS stands for Stone Size . Jewelers later developed the SS system for sizing stones.  It achieved the same purpose (of sizing and pricing) but

Beaded Crochet Bracelet How To

This beaded crochet bracelet is very fun to make and invites an endless array of possible variations in color, yarn type, beads and crystals. This was done in a set: beaded crochet bracelets and finger crochet necklaces.  The set is designed to be colourful, modular and interchangeable. Each item can be worn singularly or in combination. There is no need of clasps or fasteners. Not even for the crochet bangles as each has enough of a stretch to go over hands comfortably. This modular crochet jewelry set (CH0296) includes 3 beaded (finger) crochet necklaces and 3 seamless beaded crochet bracelets. How to Make Beaded Crochet Bracelets Beaded Crochet Bracelet Main Materials: Viscose yarn (vintage 1980) from Germany Swarovski Crystal bicone XILION 5329 beads 4mm, 3mm #1 Clover Crochet hook Sidenote: The silky viscose yarn I used is slightly thinner than a 2-ply cotton yarn. illustration: Beaded Crochet Bracelet Illustration to the right is a quick digital translation of my original rough

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

I love finger crochet cords.  They are really fun to make and they can be extremely versatile adapting themselves from very functional lives to very decorative styles. These two pictures below show not only my love of bright colors, my love of finger crochet cords, but also my love of adding beads to them.  And need I add, sparkly beads.  And what better beads than Swarovski crystal beads right? (When I write up the post on these Finger Crochet necklaces, I will link it from here.  Or if I forget, then do a search for CH0296 and you should be able to find that post once it is up.) How to Finger Crochet a Cord One of my early Japanese Crochet Books Finger Crochet Cord  is done without the aid of any crochet hooks.  They can be made plain (without beads or other embellishments) or with beads, as per illustration above.  Anyone can easily learn how to finger crochet a cord. I first came across how to finger crochet cords in my pre-teen days in one of the earliest crochet books I

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Quickly Google Keyword Planner Has Changed

It was only 2 days since I wrote Free Google Keyword Tool – 3 easy steps to Keyword Planner where I gave you some screenshots on a shortcut to using the new Google Keyword Planner Tool. (That article has now been updated with new screenshots). And in those 2 days, Google has changed that interface. The shortcut screenshot used to look like: Shortcut to using Google Keyword Planner (OLD) And as of today, it looks like: (NOTE #3) Shortcut to using the Free Google Keyword Tool (NEW) Anyway, this is a short status update just to let you know. Cheers! The post How Quickly Google Keyword Planner Has Changed appeared first on

Capture Screenshot on iPad

This is just a quickie post.  I was trying to figure out how to capture a screenshot on iPad.  I found a great answer and no new apps needed. (Yay!) Just press Sleep/Wake button + Home button. You will find the pic in your Camera Roll. How to Capture Screenshot on iPad Now that was just my quickie iPad tip. You can read the full WikiHow article with step-by-step and lots of pics at How to Take a Screenshot With an iPad. ~ Quickie Tip signing off ~ p/s I am using iPad 2 but I assume this will work for the later iPads as well. The post Capture Screenshot on iPad appeared first on

iPad ios7 Problems

After I (stupidly) updated my iPad to ios7, I panicked.  Then I smacked myself. It seems that there are all kinds of tears and woes since Apple s ios7 has been released.  I know there are many more problems and bugs, but the ones I have come across thus far, specifically with regards to my iPad ios7 are: the less than attractive look and feel of some of the ipad interface after ios7 Kindle app losing all its books problem in using video within the standard camera app The Many Woes of Apples Latest and Not Best ios7 One can no longer trust Apple as much as when Steve Jobs was still around.  That decline was something I always thought would happen.  And it seems to be coming to pass based on my recent experience and from the number of Apple related complaints sprouting angrily on the net and the social networks after the introduction of their latest operating system ios7. My iPad ios7 Woes Admittedly I only have an iPad 2 and no longer have unwavering belief in Apple, but I still cl

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WordPress Columns – How to with Genesis Theme

There are times when it is just handy to be able to easily create WordPress columns in your posts. And without having to resort to endless fiddling or using HTML to create tables (not preferred). This is where Genesis/StudioPress Themes for WordPress is so cool because it already comes pre-built with CSS Column Classes.  You can easily have up to 6 columns, just by applying the existing CSS class. (If you don t have a Genesis/MyStudioPress theme but would still like to enable multi-column styling, see Other ways of adding WordPress Columns below.) Whatever Genesis (aka MyStudioPress) child theme you are using, as long as you have the  Genesis Framework (theme), you will be able to find this pre-built Column Class in your child theme s default style.css You can search for Column Classes at: WP admin >> Appearance >> Editor >> Styles >> style.css How to create WordPress Columns using the Genesis Columns Classes Since the Column Classes are already pre-built in Genesis, all you have to

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check Website Rank: Alexa Rank or Google PR?

Check Website Rank We all want to know how well our site is doing. The two most famous metrics are Alexa Rank and Google PR (Page Rank). But just reading those metrics can be confusing. What do those numbers mean? Which is more important? What is the difference between Alexa Rank vs Google PR? Which should you pay attention to when you check website rank? Why do some sites seem to have good Google PR but not so great Alexa rank?  And vice versa? You might be wondering how I even know which sites have what ranking, right? Ranking Toolbars for your Browser I have installed 2 toolbars that I find really handy. (Since I use the Chrome browser, I got both of them from the Chrome web store.) Both are Free. SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar  it will check Google PR and Alexa rank of any page you visit. Tip: using this toolbar helps to increase the ranking of websites you visit (including your own) Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar toolbar is from Both of these toolbars gives me the

Free Google Keyword Tool – 3 easy steps to Keyword Planner

It is sad that the Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Google Planner.  But after a bit of research, the new Google Planner is still very handy. And easier to use than I thought.  And it is still a FREE Google Keyword Tool. Instead of sadly lingering over the demise of the old Keyword Tool or spending hours searching for, reading up, and trying out various alternatives (which I have already done), let s find out how to use this new free Google Keyword Tool as easily as possible.

Monday, September 23, 2013

What is Reality?

A Brief History of Reality What is Reality In trying to contemplate what is reality, one discovers that reality as we know it at any point in time, changes. Even today, the most prevalent and most solid acceptable form of reality for most people is in the world of the solid and discernible. Reality for many is supposedly only what we can see and touch. Anything drastically out of this solid realm is often pooh-poohed as woo-woo. We persist in seeing ourselves only as solid objects in spite of the revolutionary scientific discoveries in latter years. Reality in Late 1600s and Early 1700s Century: Atom As a result of Sir Issac Newton s work in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, we defined the universe as being made up of solid objects. In the 19th century, Newtonian physics extended that to atoms. We then accepted the view that the universe was composed of building blocks called atoms. Our Reality is made up of atoms? This is where many people have stopped in their conception of ob

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Teasing the Dog

Teasing the Dog This is one of my favourite videos: Teasing the Dog.  It is absolutely classic and always hilarious.  However this is the third time I am sharing this video.  Each of the two earlier times, the video either gets withdrawn (apparently due to copyright issues) or just disappears (from YouTube) for no reason.  But because I love this vid so much, I am going to include it again amongst my favourites. The post Teasing the Dog appeared first on shCREDO.

Wire Gauge Chart: Conversion Table

Wire Gauge Chart A useful handy Wire Gauge Chart which quickly lets you convert wire gauges to inches and millimeters.  Covers the AWG and SWG gauge rating systems.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Chainmail Weaves: List

Chainmail Weaves Here is a preliminary list of some of the most popular basic chainmail weaves.  List includes level of expertise recommended, the AR (Aspect Ratio) recommended. It also contains links to great tutorials for each of the chainmail weaves. Tip: Good idea to use different coloured rings when first learning new chainmail weaves. It makes the learning process much easier.

Another Alternative to Google Keyword Tool

WordTracker Free Keyword Tool On 29 Aug, 2013 I mentioned in 3 Alternatives Google Keyword Tool that Google s wonderful free keyword tool had gone kaput no longer available. And I suggested 3 alternative (free) tools (SemRush Keyword Tool, Bing Keyword Research, and UberSuggest Keyword Suggestion Tool). Well it has just come to my notice that the reputed WordTracker now offers a WordTracker Free Keyword Tool.  I have only given it a quick run and it seems even better than the 3 keyword tools I previously mentioned. Note; You do need an account to use it.  However you can join for free. Keep you login details handy and safe.  According to WordTracker s Terms and Condition, you are allowed only one service account. Addendum Just found out that there is a keyword limit to WordTracker s free tool.  It is not very clear and they don t seem to inform you anywhere on the page.  But according to an email I received from WordTracker there is a limit of 50 keywords (not searches  ).

Spotlight: Fried Cats Ceramics

Today s spotlight is on CUTE CATS! from Fried Cats Ceramics. Here are some of the adorable whimsical fried cats: Fried Cats Ceramics Baby Juke The very talented artist is Carole L. Fleishman, from Dallas, Texas. These truly adorable, whimsical unique ceramic cats are delightful.  I am not a cat person but I find myself falling in love with them anyway.  The prices are quite pricey (usually from upwards of US$300) but they are worth the price for the smiles they garner. I came across Carole s delightful cats on Facebook so to tell you a bit more about her, I will use her own words. About the Artist and her Fried Cats Ceramics I am a ceramic artist and my goal is to create art that is pleasing to the eye and the heart.Current works focus on ceramic sculptures of the Cat, original, whimsical, and a tribute to the Mighty, Mystical, Marvelous Cat. The Cats begin with a lump of clay that I alter and sculpt – ears, faces, and tails – they all evolve as if they each have a life of their

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chain Mail and Aspect Ratio

This is a brief primer on chain mail basics. We will cover the very basic terminologies and provide some clarifying explanations. There are a lot of terminology connected with the ancient art of chain mail, but for now we will just concentrate on the basics. (You will naturally pick up more terminology as you progress). Chain Mail Samples For starters, chain mail is variously spelt as chainmail, chain maille, chainmaille, or just as maille. What is Chain Mail? Chainmail is basically made up of jump rings connected together in various weaves.  The rings are interlinked to form a flexible net. Chainmaille is said to originate from the Middle Ages where they are created to from metal armour wear.  The word chainmail comes from chain meaning flexible interlinked metal rings.  And mail or maille is from a Latin word meaning mesh or net .

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When Respect Dies, Is it really Dead?

When Respect Dies, Can Love Survive? What do you do when respect dies and buries the love that once was? And try as you might, each day you see another reason that rips the lingering shreds of respect you once felt.  Your fingers are numb from trying to hold on, your temper is frayed. You know you have now started contributing to the accelerated decay. How can you find what you need to find when it seems there are fewer reasons, day by day, to give what was so easily earned once upon a time. What do you do when respect dies? Can love exist without it? Do you not know, have you forgotten your world is but perception, your perception but filtered beliefs? Filtered Beliefs: Impact on Love and Respect I don t respect you because I believe you are: dumb inept less intelligent (than I am) lazy selfish I once respected you because I believed you were: capable intelligent Respect and Beliefs: Q&A Clarifying Exercise Q. Do I really believe you are dumb? Ans. Of course not. I think you are mor

Thumbs up for Facebook Emoticons

I was envious of my brother s thumbs up emoticon on Facebook and wanted to be able to do my own thumbs up.  He told me he uploaded a (free) app for his iPhone and that was how he managed a thumbs up. I like to minimize apps and stuff (coz I forget they exist and just end up wasting storage space on my devices). So of course, Google came to the aid. Thumbs Up Facebook Emoticon There are quite a lot of pages showing emoticons for Facebook but many are for Chats on Facebook which is not a lot of use to me.  I wanted emoticons for the general status on Facebook in particular, the Thumbs Up. Anyway I not only found my Thumbs Up emoticon for Facebook but a useful page covering most, if not all of the current emoticons you  can use on Facebook generally: All Facebook Emoticons. Yay! p/s Quickie Tip: for the ThumbsUp Facebook emoticon, just type (y)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AdSense vs AdWords

AdSense vs AdWords What is the difference? AdSense vs AdWords AdSense and AdWords are two very popular business products offered by Google. Newbies often find it a bit confusing distinguishing one from the other.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What you have Who you are

What you have and who you are is entirely a function of your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. ~ The Universe ~ The post What you have Who you are appeared first on shCREDO.

Inalienable Rights: Being a Person

I recently came across a video that was being shared on Facebook.  In these times of  rampant fear, hate crimes against Muslims,  and reactive stereo-typing, it is a balm to the soul to know that there are people who hold on to remaining persons of heart and integrity, and will stand up for the inalienable rights of others in the face of brash, harsh scorn of small minded bigotry. The news coverage and even some of the videos on YouTube have been truncated to focus mainly on the admirable (nameless) soldier who stood up and spoke up for another human being. This video below shows more of the whole episode which is from the ABC series, What Would You Do . What Would You Do  is one of the highest rating undercover, hidden camera TV series in recent years.  It is hosted by John Quinones and run by ABC.  The TV series secretly films how ordinary people would behave under certain situations.  It is very entertaining while cleverly throws up ethical considerations that make us questi

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wire Wrap Cross – How To

Handmade Beaded Rod, Wire Wrap Cross This is one of my favourite crosses. Was used in Rosary for Mom. Though it looks a bit complex, it is not very hard to make at all. Wire Wrap Cross Smooth 5-hole Spacer Rod For the horizontal arm, I used one of my favourite findings the 5-hole Spacer rod. (I used to sell them so I had my own private stash  ) They are very strong, versatile, shiny, with useful large holes. They are A-Grade Silver plated over Brass rods. In this instance, the large holes in the rod were very useful for the making of this cross.

RAW Beaded Cross – How To

This is not a full tutorial on how to make a beaded cross in Right Angle Weave (RAW).  Rather it is an overview with brief descriptions which is meant to provide avenues of possibilities.  It does have enough description to provide technique ideas and how to guide on making a beaded cross.

Chainmail Cross – How To

I was constantly running out of crosses once I started making my own rosaries. So I thought figure out how to make some of my own handmade crosses (in 2011).  Here is a succinct how-to on making some chainmail crosses.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rosary for Mom

Handmade rosaries are often made with lots of love and faith.  This Rosary for Mom is made with more than the usual love and faith. Handmade Rosary for Mom This is a re-posting from 2011.  (Part of moving hosting and website platforms.) I made my first rosary in 2011 and discovered the soothing joy of making rosaries. 2011 was an exceptionally hard year, financially.  So I resorted to making my own gift for a very special person, rather than going out to buy one.  This Rosary for Mom is extra special as the recipient is undoubtedly extra special. This is also the first time I tried my hand at making my own cross. I wanted the cross to match the rosary.  I also wanted a cross that had sparkle. All in all, I hope my special Mom loves this rosary as much as I enjoyed making it for her. Rosary for Mom Work Details I chose to work with Fluorite gemstones.  My mom loves violets, purples, and mauve hues.  These little fluorite gemstones are tumbled. They are delightfully smooth and r

Packing makes me Wow My Mom

As I plan another day of mountainous packing, I am humbled and awed when I think back of my mommy. Tiny in physical stature, yet a giant in heart, determination, and inner strength. with my Awesome mom, 1997 I don t know how she managed to do it.  I am thinking back on the specific year we moved from Penang to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  A move right across the country, north to south. (That was but one of the many times we had to move.) And there she was, this tiny amazing woman (5 foot minus) with six kids, sans a helping husband.  A full time teacher who had to mark student work in the evenings.  Six kids all underage.  My mom had to wash and cook for this large family, pack up the household and much of the children s belongings.  And to add to her woes, like many of us, she is a hoarder of sentimental and crafty goods.  (A big hoarder!) Then there was the kids schooling to attend to:  dis-enroll from the schools in Penang.  Find and arrange enrolment to schools at the other e

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Opportunity Knocks

Every day is brand new and Opportunity never stops knocking ~ The Universe ~ The post Opportunity Knocks appeared first on shCREDO.

Hematite and Moonstone Rosary

Hematite and Moonstone Rosary with Chainmail Cross I made this for a special someone.  His birthday was coming up.  He seemed to like Hematite rosaries. Very wise of him because hematite gemstone is a stone that is ideal for meditation, prayers, forgiveness, and healing. Materials Used: Hematite Beads round, polished, 6mm Moonstone Beads round, 6mm Wire & Jump Rings silver plated over brass; lead & nickel free Hematite and Moonstone Rosary (CH0217/al)

Pearl and Crystal Rosary

This handmade crystal rosary is made with clear Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls.  The cross is also handmade from the same clear Swarovski crystals with a genuine Swarovski headpin.  The headpin is topped with a clear Swarovski crystal, giving a shiny sparkle at the bottom of the cross. The two photos below show a full view of the crystal rosary.  This rosary has a purity that is both soothing and cleansing. Swarovski Crystal Rosary (CH0196)

Hematite Rosary and Cross

Handmade Hematite Rosary and Cross A hematite rosary is especially valued for its soothing, calming, and healing qualities.  It is the hematite gemstone that is said to inherently possess and exude these qualities.  Because of or quite apart from these metaphysical qualities, I must say that there is an undeniably soothing to hold a hematite rosary in one s hand. Here, this is enhanced by the polished surface and smooth roundness of the hematite beads. Handmade hematite rosary (CH0216)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Follow shCredo with Bloglovin

Bloglovin a great way to follow multiple blogs you love. Updates from all the blogs you love will be delivered to your email for a leisurely read. I personally prefer signing up for email updates, giving you a more interest-focussed read but you can choose an Email easy signup or just follow multiple blogs with Just saying .

Ira Glass on Being Creative

I came across an ingenuous and most entertaining YouTube video while surfing on Facebook.  It was shared by my pal Melinda Loh. It made me ask: Who is Ira Glass? and what has he to do with creativity? .  This below is the video I first saw Ira Glass on Being Creative .  It certainly is very creative!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Prevail, Thrive, Arrive

You will prevail, thrive, & arrive. ~ The Universe ~ The post Prevail, Thrive, Arrive appeared first on shCREDO.

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Create AdSense Ad

How to Create AdSense used to be much more confusing than it is now.  So that is a good thing.  But it can still be a bit confusing getting one s head around AdSense for Content, AdSense for Search, Custom channels, URL channels, and so on. In this guide on how to create AdSense, I will depart from my normal illustrated step-by-step tutorial.  Google changes over time and their AdSense interface can change quite significantly.  So any illustrations or screen captures I could give you now might be confusing and out-dated by the time you need this information. Instead I will provide links to the most appropriate pages for you.  In that way, we can try to minimize the normal information overload, dictated by the numerous hyperlinked articles, that one normally sees in the Google Help sections.  Remember, this is written with the aim of helping an AdSense beginner create and apply AdSense ads on his web pages as quickly and painlessly as possible. How To Create AdSense Overview on h

Friday, August 30, 2013

Loop and Bead Clasp Tutorial

This loop and bead clasp tutorial is an easy way to give your jewelry piece a customized, unique and matching finish.  This technique is especially ideal if you have used decorative knotting in your piece. You can refer to the basic how to tie the reef knot or the beaded jewelry with square knots for a refresher on knotting techniques for jewelry making.

Beaded Jewelry with Square Knots

Fun tutorial on how to easily use reef or square knots in a simple beaded jewelry piece.  Follow along and have fun. If you need to, have a quick refresher on how to tie a square knot (aka reef knot). You will get the hang of it very easily and then everything that follows here will be so much easier as well. Desired Finished Beaded Jewelry with Band of Reef Knots Reef Knot Beaded Jewelry Tools Needed: Beading Cord Beads Steps to make a Beaded Jewelry with Square/Reef Knots Row of secured beads 1) String Beads On - Start off by stringing on a number of large beads. Your thread/cord should be more than long enough for a bracelet or necklace, depending on which you want to create. String beads in the middle of your thread/cord. Secure each bead with either a knot or crimp bead at each side of the bead. There should be a length of cord left at each end of the secured row of beads. This is what we want to accomplish: a length of square knots at each side to finish off the jewelry piece.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jewelry Clasps – Basic Types

Pictures, descriptions, and explanations on some of the most popular, common, and basic types of jewelry clasps. Jewelry Clasps are one of the jewelry findings that are most common and most essential. Bracelet clasps and necklace clasps are the most popular functional jewelry fasteners around. Types of Jewelry Clasps Functionally, clasps are merely  fasteners that are used to connect and end off bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. However clasps do not just have to be only functional.  They can be an integral part of the design; sometimes the focal point of interest. These days, there are more and more decorative jewelry clasps available for purchase.  Clasps can come in many designs, many different finishes, and made from various grades of materials.  For top end jewelry, sterling silver, gold, platinum, rhodium are common materials used to manufacture these jewelry fasteners. As specialist companies continue to produce new clasps designs, it is impossible to produce a comprehensi

3 Alternatives to Google Keyword Tool

Yesterday I sadly announced that the useful free Google Keyword Tool is now no longer available.  I have been trying out their replacement Keyword Planner (you need an AdWords account for that).  But so far it is still a bit unsatisfactory. So I have gone looking for FREE, quick, good alternatives.  These below are my current suggestions, listed in my current order of preference. SemRush seems to provide a lot of information.  On first impressions, I am very impressed.  It provides search volumes, related keywords, as well as a list of other sites that are ranking for the keyword you are investigating. Bing Keyword Research for the moment, this is my second preference. You do need to sign in though (via a Bing or Microsoft account).  This is a simple keyword tool showing search volume based on time period you specify. It also shows the search-trend of the keywords. UberSuggest this is not really a normal keyword tool.  Rather, based on a keyword you enter, it will give you sugg

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Findings for Jewelry Making

Findings for Jewelry Making Am I being picky?  Perhaps.  But there is  a difference between Jewelry Supplies and Jewelry Findings.  Findings for Jewelry Making are really a sub-set of Jewelry supplies.  Somethings just knowing the right industry label can help you find what you need faster, better, surer. Definition Jewelry Findings these are the components that are used in jewelry making; normally the elements used to hold the jewelry piece together.  They include clasps, jumprings, head and eye pins, earring hooks and backs, etc. Jewelry Supplies on the other hands includes the findings for jewelry making as well as anything that is used in jewelry making: tools and pliers, beads and stones, threads and strings, and so on. These days with jewelry and crafts making being so popular, it is easier to find jewelry findings anywhere.  From supermarkets to hobbyist stores.  This makes it so much easier for a person to start on the wonderful track of making jewelry. Of course, as

Google Keyword Tool – Gone!

A quick update that as of today, the unbelievably useful Google Keyword tool is now Gone. Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Keyword Planner.  I can t really tell you how useful the new Keyword Planner is for planning keywords for your articles.  I only had a quick peek at it before the change became fait accompli and was suitably unimpressed. Looks like the new Keyword Planner is aimed more towards advertisers (i.e you need an AdWords account). The external Keyword Tool is no longer available.  If you want to get keyword ideas using Keyword Planner, make use you login to your AdWords account. ~ Google AdWords Support - Keyword Planner replaces Keyword Tool ~

AdSense Tips – Heat Maps & Naming

2 simple AdSense Tips to keep handy before you even create your first AdSense Ad. In the previous article, we covered What is AdSense . Now before we get into the creating our first AdSense ad unit, let s briefly cover some AdSense Tips that will make the whole process easier and more understandable. AdSense Tips Heat Maps and Naming your Ads You create AdSense units to place on your web pages.  There are various kinds and sizes of ad units you can create to place at different locations on a web page. Knowing how to optimize your ads can make a dramatic difference to the revenue you could earn. Optimizing your ads just means different ways to ensure you get maximal income for your ad-efforts. Optimizing your AdSense ads also affects what kinds of ads you will create. Optimizing Your AdSense I have personally found that optimizing your AdSense can actually make as much as a 300% difference in AdSense revenue. So definitely worth doing. Factors Affecting AdSense Revenue ad format (e.g.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is AdSense & Basic Info

When this question: What is AdSense? first crossed my path, I should not have been so cavalier. I should not have brushed it off.  I thought it was a passing phase; that it would not be worth the effort to set it up. A decade later, I know I was so wrong. I was wrong about Google AdSense Almost everyone knows what Google AdSense is or at the very least, have heard of it.  Certainly, if you are trying to earn something from your online efforts, AdSense would be one of the first monetization avenues you will come across. What is AdSense It took me years before I joined AdSense. Early on, I did peek into it.  And found it too hard to implement. But I should have made the effort much sooner.  I should not have been frightened off with all that technicality and jargon.  It is my hope that through this AdSense-centric articles, I can make it easier for the next person to join, apply, and earn some dosh with Google AdSense.  For that reason, I will try as much as possible, to avoid tec

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jewelry Chains

Ever since jewelry making started exploding in popularity, the various types of jewelry chains have grown in desirability, variations, patterns, and names.  However with such an explosive growth of new designs, the names of the various jewelry chains are not universal nor always descriptive. In an attempt to keep up with some of the emerging jewelry chains as well as some of the standard classic, I have compiled a jewelry chains list that will likely grow over time as I come across new and fascinating chains for your craft and jewelry making creative adventures. Types Of Jewelry Chains (in alphabetical order) Anchor Chain Anchor Chain Anchor chain s origin is from the chains used to link an anchor to a vessel. This is one of the enduringly popular jewelry chains. Its variation, the Flat Anchor Chain is also very popular with it sleek and elegant appearance. Basketweave Chain Basketweave Chain/Basket Weave Chain Basketweave chain also spelt Basket Weave Chain, is named for the weave

Saturday, August 24, 2013

aside: with OnlyWire

Phew!  The social markers/auto-posters were driving me a bit round the silly bend.  Was not sure which software was posting what. Now that I have a paid OnlyWire account, I can deactivate some of my auto-published feeds at Twitterfeed.  Also deactivated publizing via JetPak.  Now let s see if OW alone will correctly & successfully publish my Feedburner feeds to the selected social newworks correctly. And oh, btw, this is my first official aside post format. The post aside: with OnlyWire appeared first on

WordPress Post Format for Genesis

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add additional WordPress Post Format if you are using StudioPress s Genesis Framework and a child theme. We have already talked about what the new WordPress Post Formats are.   Genesis Framework is the premium (parent) theme  I use, together with a Genesis (from StudioPress) child theme of my choice.  Here at NetWebbing for instance, my child theme at time of writing is Prose Theme. Sidenote: In case you don t know what the parent-child power combo inherent in Genesis is all about, have a read of why I Love Genesis Themes for WordPress and why so many top bloggers recommend it.

WordPress Post Formats

Since WordPress version 3.1, there have been new additional WordPress Post Formats - and I want them!  Some of the new post formats like aside and quote look really useful.  I can immediately think of uses for them. For instance, there are times when I just want to post a short update (similar to a short posting on Facebook) - but really, way too for a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) post.  And it just seems wrong to just do such a short posting in a standard WordPress post.  In those circumstances, an aside post format just seems ideal for me.  And I have so many of those brief-thought circumstances! What Are WordPress Post Formats? The supported new post formats are: aside - Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update. gallery - A gallery of images. Post will likely contain a gallery shortcode and will have image attachments. link - A link to another site. Themes may wish to use the first tag in the post content as the external link for that post. An

Free Beading Patterns – the Beginning

Hooray but note, this is but the start of our Free Beading Patterns collection. I have started with the free Little Miracles Bracelet (by Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements).  It includes clear illustration and step-by-step instructions.  You can download it for free from the new Bracelet Patterns list. The First Free Beading Pattern This here is a snapshot of the Little Miracles Bracelet. Little Miracles Bracelet using Swarovski Bead 5000 Here is a sneak preview of what the tutorial looks like:

Free Earrings Pattern – Little Miracles

Yay!  I have been busy! (self-pat-pat). The second free beadwork pattern is now available for you to download.  Checkout the main Free Beadwork Patterns index or have a sneak peek at the earrings tutorial. This here is the second free tutorial and is called Little Miracles Earrings, courtesy of Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements. This pattern features the use of tiny Swarovski Bead 5000 the amazingly multi-faceted sparkler that is always in, always popular.  And endlessly Sparkly and Classic.  If nothing else, you learn how to make a beautiful beaded beadcap. A technique that is truly versatile and useful that you can employ anywhere. Little Miracles Earrings Pattern The recommended skill/design level is Intermediate.  Techniques employed: Beading Free Earrings Patterns Little Miracles As you can see, it is adaptable to whatever color you want and still look miraculously Glorious. free earrings tutorials sneak peek In the pdf which you can download, you will be shown the

Crystal Hair Comb – free pattern

This free pattern for a crystal hair comb is delightful.  And really, there is nothing as delightful as a Swarovski crystal hair comb now, is there?! Learn to make your own hair accessory.  This pattern is entitled Little Miracles Haircomb and comes to you courtesy of Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements. Crystal Hair Comb Little Miracles Haircomb Crystal Hair Comb free pattern Using this pattern, you can make your own hair comb for everyday wear, as a bridal hair comb, or for a glamorous night out. Just imagine all the variations you can enjoy. change the colors, change the bead sizes, use gemstones, have more than 3 flowers, have one big layered flower, have different sized flowers, add some feathers, add some leaves, add a sparkly dangle.

Necklace Tutorial – Little Miracles Moonlight

Puff Puff!  I think this will be my penultimate offering for tonight.  And what an appropriate one it is too!   Little Miracles Moonlight is an illustrated, step-by-step necklace tutorial that comes to us courtesy of Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements. Necklace Tutorial: Little Miracles Moonlight necklace This is an exciting tutorial and though it is recommended for Advanced skills level, I would not let it deter you one little bit.  The instructions are clear and precise and they offer a great foundation of learning that will allow you to expand into various projects. Little Miracles Moonlight Necklace This project calls for a large number of the brilliantly cut Swarovski Bead 5000, in its tiniest size: 2mm.  I love the Swarovski 5000 because it is available in so many colours and sizes.  And best of all, it is a star sparkler as it has tons of brilliantly cut facets.  However, in comparison to the ever popular Swarovski bicone bead (5301 and 5328), this bead is a quite

Beaded Necklace Tutorial: Shooting Star

As I said in my last post Little Miracles Moonlight necklace tutorial puff puff!  This will be my last free jewelry pattern for the night.  This beaded necklace has the full long title of Little Miracles Shooting Star Necklace .  Again, it comes to us via courtesy of Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements.  (Are you getting the feeling I am a BIG Swarovski fan yet?!!!) Little Miracles Shooting Star Necklace Shooting Star your free beaded necklace tutorial This beaded necklace tutorial looks very sophisticated and not exactly easy to accomplish.  But that would be deceptive.  The skill level recommended is suitable for beginners.  With the use of the beautifully charming Swarovski Fancy Stone, art. 4137 oval rings, the piece is elevated to the level of Perfected Elegance. Tiny Swarovski Beads 5000 in 2mm sizes are beaded in the RAW (Right Angle Weave). They form the links between the Oval fancy stones.  The contrast of the large faceted oval rings and the miniscule Swarovski

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Add Google Authorship to WordPress – 2 Simple Ways

Source: %%postlink%% This fully illustrated step-by-step guide on how to add Google Authorship to WordPress resulted from hours of working out the best and easiest way of doing this. I dont know about you but I have found Google Plus (Google+) to be amazingly confusing.  I end up with at least 10 tabs open, many to the same pages whenever I try to deal with Google Plus.  However it is almost  a must these days that we know how to add Google Authorship to WordPress. So let s start! Note: I will be using Google+ Authorship, Google Plus Authorship, and Google Authorship interchangeably to mean the same thing. Why Add Google Authorship to WordPress? Add Google Authorship to WordPress You will want to add Google authorship to your site, whether it is a WordPress site or not. But of course, that is only if you care about getting traffic, being found, and/or maybe making money online! Without any of the paralysing technicalities behind Google+ Profile and what it is, you will want to add

Monday, August 19, 2013

Freeform Wire Wrap Pendant and Earrings

This freeform wire wrap pendant and earring set is purely a result of joyful, unencumbered experimentation. [caption id="attachment_354" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Freeform Wire Wrap Pendant and Earrings[/caption] And it was real fun.

Tree of Life Dragon Hanging Mobile

There is a certain someone who loves Blues and who loves Dragons - so with that guiding compass as my guide, I decided that a double Tree of Life Dragon hanging mobile for him. [caption id="attachment_307" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Tree o...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Transfer Blogger to WordPress – made easy

Source: %%postlink%% I was looking for the easiest way to transfer Blogger to WordPress and I have found it!  The method below is especially for someone who has A LOT of posts that they need to transfer. There are tons of articles on the internet, some of them are in the Reference section at the bottom [ ]The post Transfer Blogger to WordPress made easy appeared first on

Content Distribution

Yesterday and most of today, I have been looking into and signing up at various sites that do content submissions.  I was going to say "free" content submissions - but as I found out, that ain't always so.

Anyway, I did find a few and I will post the pros, cons, and otherwise about some of the most popular ones (like eZine Articles,, Article Dashboard) over at as soon as I get a chance.

Right now, I just want to celebrate my latest news.  I joined Squidoo (again) and just published my first article: The Madness that Google Generates.  That was fun!  And Squidoo has improved so much since I was there years ago.

Ciao.  I am off to shower, a happy girl!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lost in the Mire of Internet Learning

Yesterday I had set plans - things to do.  Same today.  But each day has proven that learning can be a mire, an endless bog of more information. And very exhausting.

Okay, it might be that I am still recovering but I have spent the whole of yesterday reading up on internet marketers, affiliates, SEO, article marketing, related tools and analyses.  Same today.  Each time I think I have done with the reading, there is another linked nugget of information that on clicking, opens up another whole plethora of must-knows ... and yup, with more links.

Those are the joys and the pains of being an online researcher.  Of course it is very time consuming to read and digest, understand and analyse what the new learnings are.  It is made more time consuming by having to sift through the truth and lies.  Sometimes they are not lies, they are just OLD.  And we know, online, being OLD is almost worse than being OLD in real life.

I wish they would make every post, every article compulsory to include the date of publication.  Old information can (not always) be as useful as a soiled diaper.

The other thing that took up most of yesterday was discovering more (internet gurus') names to look into.  So many "big" names that have never been on my radar.  And some that I did know, have taken a plunge.  It is like discovering Santa is not real.  Makes one quickly cynical(er).

Urgh.  So many frauds!!!!!  I won't mention names now but I am sure I will feel compelled to blog about them as some stage over at NetWebbing - which is where I talk about INTERNETy stuff like that.

For now, bod is on shut down mode.  Nite nite blog diary.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Unexpected Activities: Genesis Rave, controversy, AutoResponder

Yesterday I had a rave about Genesis Framework and my child theme (currently Prose).  I wish I could say it was a mini rave as I originally intended.  But I found myself having so much to say.  In the end I had to take the whip out to restrain myself!

Today, without planing to, I jumped into the controversy over whether to open external links in new window or not.  That took a while as well.

Meanwhile, as a matter of personal history, the house has been racked with loud noises as we have the tilers here who are removing our upstairs bathroom tiles.  Not good.  Was heavily waterlogged because the previous owner (builder) had done a "shocking job".

Now I am about to plunge into another unplanned activity - getting an autoresponder (mail client).  The top names seem to be AWeber, Get Response, and MailChimp.

After reading some recommendations from Google but mostly from the trusted sources at Warrior Forum, I think I will be going with AWeber.

I shall continue with updates later today .....

Update and Answer: AWeber (for now). I have signed up for US$1 for the first month.  If I continue, it will be US$19 per month.

I chose AWeber because John Chow (one of my chosen Internet Gurus in my Blog Monetization Experiment uses it.  Also, uses AWeber (among many other big names of course!).  It is without doubt one of the most mentioned and recommended email sign-up/auto-responder providers around.  (I had a hard time choosing between AWeber and GetResponse).  I finally chose AWeber to start with because I can fully test-drive it for a month at only US$1.

You can have watch a little video to see what it is all about (aff link included).

Try AWeber's Autoresponders for $1

Anyway, there you go.  I will report back when I have more stats, feedback, and info on AWeber.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gravatar Avatar - wherefore art thou?

I ended yesterday's blog with the high hopes that I would have time to prettify my Netwebbing site, using my exciting, brand new Genesis framework and child theme.

But that was not to be.  The sleepies got me last night.

And this morning, I got my first (lovely) comment from Jupiter Jim and that, invariably, led me onto other things I need to attend to.

Monday, August 5, 2013

WordPress gets going on Netwebbing with new articles

Since I last wrote, things have moved along over at but my head cold remains loyal.  It even gave me a stuffed ear this morning. I feared I was going deaf.

The new stuff over at NetWebbing are:

So with my stuffy head, what should I do next?  I will go and try to know my new and wonderful Genesis framework and theme and maybe make my Netwebbing site a whole lot "prettier".  Thank goodness the Genesis purchase comes with a whole slew of tutorials.  I shall go put them to the test!


Genesis Framework for WordPress

And yes, this is an affiliate link!  I am so chuffed with Genesis, I had to become an affiliate :D

Friday, August 2, 2013

Buy WordPress Theme? Halt! Head Cold

Honest to goodness, if you call me thick today, I would not feel insulted.  Because I am thick - thick and foggy in the head with a head cold.  The big question blocking my path is: buy WordPress Theme or No Buy WordPress Theme?

Some Essential WordPress Plugins and Bathroom under repair

As part of my Blog Monetization Experiment, documented over at NetWebbing, I have spent the whole day just drafting the first copy of Essential Wordpress plugins.

They were recommended by "my" internet gurus (John Chow, George Brown) - and so I am installing those plugins in a systematic effort to evaluate how successful the cumulative, common advice is when it comes to actually being able to monetize one's site.

I must say that Blogging is easy.  And blogging is hard.

Like here now, without a care for Google or SEO and all that stuff - and I am just fluffing my hair and blogging on the wind, it is easy.  Random thoughts here are acceptable.

However proper blogging - now, that takes much more time and effort.  There is the lengthy research, the proper grammar and typos to be aware of, the double-triple checking, the creation of graphics (not good to steal!) and the making sure that everything is understandable not just to self but to a needy stranger dropping by.

It has taken me the whole day now and I still have not final-final proofed it all.  And the References have yet to be done and checked.  Doesn't it give you a headache? No? You can have mine then!!

On another more personal front - tradies have been in and out today.  Our house is being repaired and made ready for sale.  Bathrooms being properly waterproofed (the previous owners did a shocking job and water leaks developed over time.  Badly!), the electrician, the plumber, the tiler.  I have had the lot today!

Here is a quickie shot of what our main bathroom looks like.  Yup, I include it here so that in years to come, I can come back to this post and grin :D

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WordPress Theme - which should I choose?

I have just spent over an hour searching and reading about WordPress Themes.  Which one should I choose for my site?

I was sorely tempted to buy either Genesis or Thesis.  Darren Rowse of uses Genesis while John Chow uses Thesis.

Internet Gurus Chosen for Blog Monetization Experiment

Internet Gurus I chose as the starting point for my Blog Monetization Experiment (detailed over at are:

  • George Brown
  • John Chow
  • Peng Joon
More details of this can be found at: Internet Gurus - Who are they?

Going through some of their work and programs, I find that they offer a lot of information.  I have tried to distill the CORE identical advice in attempt to see if that actually can help the rest of us build traffic and maybe even an income stream.

Tomorrow, the posting on Core Essentials for Internet Marketing success will go live.  My WordPress blog for blogs is only 2 days old - so no visitors (yet).

I have yet to fix up some social media links and connections, look into Google+ and then there are at least 3 more sites that have to be migrated over to WP installations.  Looks like I will be keeping myself busy for quite a while yet!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summary Boxes for Moneytizing Blog pages at NetWebbing

Over-blogging?  Is there such a thing?  I guess there must be coz I think I am doing it!

When I was talking about Monetizing Blog Experiment over at, I was hoping that I could keep postings over there short and succinct.  Apparently I seem to be having difficulty doing that as, even with my best efforts, I find so much to say!

Looking at the Blog Monetization postings over at NetWebbing from the perspective of a reader in a hurry for results and not so much blah-blah, I realise it might just be a bit daunting and frustrating.

So to ameliorate that, at the end of each posting for the monetizing blogs category over at NetWebbing, I am going to include a Summary box which should make things much simpler for the reader in a hurry.

The summary box looks like:
monetizing blogs summary
Summary Boxes for Blog Monetization pages at

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monetizing Blog Experiment begins on

My Monetizing Blog Experiement begins!

monetizing blog experiment begins
Can one really make money online as the internet experts claim?
I have just moved my domain onto a new (self-hosted) WordPress installation.
This move comes after a lengthy study on what platform might be best for me, with the hopes that one can be more effective at monetizing one's blog.

Now, don't you go visiting my unless you are interested in:

  • monetizing your blog or
  • other forms of making money online or
  • if you are interested in someone doing the work and taking the risks to check out if the so called internet experts actually offer you genuine ways of creating a passive online income for yourself and your loved ones.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Purpose of a Blog

Purpose of a Blog

 - specifically

Clarity and Purpose of this Blog

This blog is about to have direction - well, multi-directions really.  Yes, I will still ramble and meander.

Recently I have been reading up a lot lately about blogging and internet marketing and affiliate programs.  Time has come, propelled by physical events, to look at all my sites and make plans.  All the plans (still being clarified) have hopes.  Whether the hopes will come to fruition, only the future can truly reveal.

This blog will perhaps undergo the least of the changes.  It will not, for the foreseeable future, be moved to a new platform.  It may even look to readers as if it is the same.

But more, much more importantly, in the mind of this blogger, this blog, going forward, will have a clearer reason for being.

HelenaAsmusLim blog will be my hub.

This is my one site where I can be myself - publicly.