Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meditation is not Thinking

Meditation is not Thinking - is something to think about! :D

Meditation is not Thinking is the first of my Message Series outputs in my Zazzle ClearlyChosen store.

I have been thinking, on off on, about messages - for T-shirts and stuff - and also because they come to me in all forms (from what people say, what I read about, what I see, what just pops in), and I find that they intrigue me.  Sometimes I am left thinking about the various roads and avenues that some succinct set of words take me.  And sometimes, they change my perception, and change bits of myself.

So instead of just thinking about it .. I thought, let's just do it ... and so was finally birthed my Message Series.

Meditation Is Not Thinking
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Meditation Not Thinking tshirt unisex light colors shirt
Meditation Not Thinking tshirt unisex light colors by ClearlyChosen
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eyes & Love and a touch of the Orient for Zazzle store

While I am still in the mood to Zazzle-fy,  let's have more customizable Zazzle T-shirts.

You wanna Swirl on Zazzle?

My matey asked me "why not have some swirls in your t-shirt designs?"  He was looking for just a simple swirl.  And I promise to do it .. eventually.

Meanwhile I have been playing around with Swirl combos.  The results for tonight ..

Swirl & Harvest T-shirt unisex shirt
Swirl & Harvest T-shirt unisex by ClearlyChosen
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Looking like this (in many colors, styles, sizes - unisex)

Swirl & Harvest T-shirt unisex shirt
Swirl & Harvest T-shirt unisex by ClearlyChosen
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And really, what is Zazzle if not variations-friendly?

Double Image Swirl unisex tshirt shirt
Double Image Swirl unisex tshirt by ClearlyChosen
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ok, I have had my Zazzle play tonight .. Nite!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Face 2012 on Zazzle

Baby Face goes to Zazzle.
Today I am enjoying putting Baby Face to Zazzle.
t-shirt Baby Face - customizable shirt
t-shirt Baby Face - customizable by ClearlyChosen
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I find artistic work in progress as fascinating as the final outcome.  This original artwork is by Xavier Lim.  Xavier tells me that more of the baby is yet to come (like the body! lol!)  But I love the face just as is and so Zazzle now showcases it as well :)

I have found that it is quite exhausting, with a touch of boringness, to do many variations of a design all in one setting.  So as part of my 2012 actions - I am just going to Zazzle stuff for the PURE JOY of it.  That means that things get Zazzle-fied in joyful droplets rather than in huge batches.

Today's little effort sees Baby Face on a t-shirt and yes .. on a Mug (pun intended :)

Baby Face T-shirt