Sunday, November 25, 2012

Manly Presents for this Christmas at Zazzle

"Man at Home" Customizable T-Shirt

It is great to be on Zazzle because you get to make your own personal items - especially for special occasions.

This t-shirt features a signed (though the signature is deliberately a challenge to find - unless you know what you are looking for) sketch using the amazing Papers app for iPad.

A wholly experimental artwork - a first time trial at using the Papers app and a first time attempt at playing around with my new Macbook Pro, using GIMP and Magic Tricks app.  (Both of these apps also highly recommended for sheer versatility and for the endless fun factor).

Some other "manly" products on Zazzle

Well,  I have got another pressie done for Christmas with the help of Zazzle.  Head on over to do your own shopping.  Merry Christmas 2012!

More styles and original art at:

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